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The Irish Quarter

The Irish Quarter-Year Two
A Salute to the Irish Short Story
March 11 to July 1 2012

The Free Digital Humanities Resource for Irish history, literature and politics.

A great resource-maintained by University College Cork Ireland

The home of Irish women writers on the web

Irish Writers On Line-a very good resource

Large collection of Oscar Wilde,
lot of short stories and fairy tales

Bram Stoker's Short Stories

Miette's bedtime story Podcasts- Joyce , Lord Dunsany, Frank O'Connor and Sean O'Faolin, read beautifully  

Marie Edgeworth-lots of links to her short stories

Manybooks has complete short story collections
by George Moore, James Stephens, Lord Dunsany,
Edith Somerville and Ross Martin, Joseph Le Fanu,
Wilde, Joyce and other older writers you can download in Kindle or other formats, all free.

Many contemporary writers have one or two of their stories on their webpage.   Some of the best known of current writers like Kevin Barry and Claire Keegan can be found in the public archives of The New Yorker.

  Go here to listen to Tessa Hadly read "The Jungle" by Elizabeth Bowen.  -one of her better stories

Bernie McGill-author of The Butterfly Cabinet-
three of her wonderful stories can be read here

Southword-New Writings from Ireland
Lots of good short stories, not all Irish stories but there are a number of very interesting new to me stories by Irish writers,many are younger writers-a very good resource

More Oscar Wilde Stories online in easy to read format

A Kevin Barry Story from The New Yorker, "The Fjord of Killary"

Great Resource Page on Charlotte Riddell-premier Irish Gothic Writer

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu-best ghost story writer of all times-great resource page from The Library of the University of Adelaide 

Lord Dunsanny-basic page

Posts by Participants
The Irish Quarter
Year Two
March 11 to July 1

You Can Never Have Too Many Books "No Angel" by Bernie Mcgill
Susan has also now done a post on James Joyce's "The Sisters" that I learned a lot from-

Beauty is a Sleeping Cat Stories by Kevin Barry, James Joyce, and Elizabeth Bowen

Free Listens  "The Wine Breath" by John Mcgahern

Lakeside Musings- "The Empty Family" by Colum Toibin

Parrish Lantern  Overview of Irish Folk and Fairy Tales by William Butler Yeats-Parrish Lantern now has a wonderful post on a story by Gerald Griffin about the horrors of the famine years and a folk take from William Trevors' Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories

A Simple Clockwork  Two Oscar Wilde Fairy Tales-Nancy,  the Host of Short Stories on Wednesday has done two illuminating posts on stories of Marie Edgeworth, the first serious Irish Woman short story writer

Buried In Print an Anthology of stories by Mary Lavin, In the Middle of the Field

"My eternal gratitude to all the

From Kafka to Kintergarden "The First Confession"  by Frank O'Connor, "The Reaping Race" by Liam O'Flaherty, "Janey Mary" by James Plunket, and "The Confirmation Suit" by Brendan Behan.  There is a new post on The Space between Louis and Me by Mary O'Donnell and Sightseeing in Louth by Bernadette M. Smyth.  Both of these are new to me authors.  

Vapor Trails  "The Old Man of the Sea" by Maeve Brennan, and also "Something Special" which is Iris Murdoch's only published story story

New Posts since the first update

The Sill of the World has an excellent post on "The Dead" by James Joyce

Bibliophiliac  has done a great post on "The Will" which  Frank O'Connor says is Mary Lavin's best story

Shauna Gilligan, a widely published short story writer from Dublin has contributed a very welcome guest post to Irish Short Story Week Year Two  devoted to Somewhere in Minnesota,  a powerful collection of short stories by Órfhlaith Foyle

Jillian of A Room of One's Own has done a very insightful moving post on "The Dead" by James ealJoyce

A Work in Process has done great posts on "The Happy Autumn Fields" by Elizabeth Bowen, this is one of Bowen's WWII stories and is a great cultural treasure.  There is also a very good post on William Trevor's "The Ballroom of Romance".

Winston's Dad has posted on a story by Oliver Goldsmith "The History of the Man in Black

Tales from the Reading Room has done a great post on Colm Toibin's new book New Ways to Kill Your Mother: Writers and Their Families.

Vishy's Blog has done a wonderful post on two stories by James Joyce, and one by James Stephens, Elizabeth Bowen and Liam O'Flattery as well as six folk and fairy tales.   all

Novroz of Polychome Interest, cohost of Indonesian Short Story Week has posted on some of the paranormal folk tales of Thomas Crofton.

semi-fictional has done a great post one of Elizabeth Bowen's World War Two Stories,

A guest post by Audra Martin D'Aroma on Joseph Sheridan le Fanu

A link to the Web Page of Ben Healey in which he has posts on a great many Irish Short Stories -at least 50 stories are reviewed in detail individually on this web page-here is the E mail I received from Ben

I came across your site while searching for short stories by Irish writers. I don’t know if you’d like to, but you are welcome to link to any of my posts (mostly by Irish writers) as part of Irish Short Story Week. I have a complete review of all fifteen stories for Dubliners. I also have a review of all the stories in both Kevin Barry short story collections (There are Little Kingdoms and Dark Lies The Island). Or you might be interested in After Rain by William Trevor or Walk the Blue Fields by Claire Keegan. There are also some older stories by Frank O’Connor (First Confession, Guests of the Nation, The Majesty of the Law) and Brian Friel (Among the Ruins and A Man’s World). I also have reviews of The third Policeman and The Hard Life by Flann O’Brien, though these are not short stories.

As I said if you’d like to link to any of the reviews, you are more than welcome. My site is The Typists Pen (

Ripple Effects has done a very welcome post on two short stories and a novella by Colm McCann

Suko's Notebook has posted a review on another one of Ethel Rohan's short stories

Participating Posts

1.Risa will do a post on The Dubliners.

2. "Angels" a Short Story by Eddie Stack

3. A Q and A Session with Eileen Casey, author of Snow Shoes.

4. "Out of the Blue" a short story by Eddie Stack

5. "Behind Closed Doors" by Eddie Stack a short story

Fred Johnston A Question and Answer Session

Pat Jourdon A Question and Answer Session -with the author of A Small Inheritance

8. Elizabeth MacDonald- A Q and A Session with the author of House of Cards

9. "Waiting for a Fare" by Eddie Stack

10. A post on "White Maniac:  A Doctor's Tale" by Mary Fortune on her blog, The Reading Journal

11. A Question and Answer Session with Orfhlaith Foyle -author of Somewhere in Minnesota

12. "Leaving for Chile" a short story by Viv McDade

13. "Soul Mate"  A Short Story by Viv McDade

14. Niall Foley A Question and Answer Session with the author of "The Great South Wall"

15. "Jackass Blues" a short story by Eddie Stack

16. "After Hours" a short story by Eddie Stack

17. "Ellie" a short story by Eddie Stack

18. "Back in the Days of Corncrakes" by Eddie Stack-a short story

19 A Question and Answer Session with the Co-Editor of The Penny Dreadful

20.  A Question and Answer Session with Alice Walsh,   editor of The Bohemyth- A Literary Journal  

21. A Question and Answer Session with Niall Foley-author of "The Great South Wall"

22."The Shadow Owner's Companion" by Eleanor Hooker - a short story

23.A Question and Answer Session with Eleanor Hooker - author of "The Shadow Owner's Companion"

24. A Question and Answer Session with Geraldine Mills-author of The Weight of Feathers and Lick of the Lizard.

25. Question and Answer Session with Nuala Ni Chonchuir....... -author of Mother America, You, and Juno

26.Question and Answer Session with Lane Ashfeldt author of Saltwater

27.Question and Answer Session with Eleanor Hooker, author of "The Shadow Owner's Companion"

28.Question and Answer Session with Arthur Broomfield -author of "Nimrod", editor of Outburst, Beckett scholar

29.Question and Answer Sessions with Robert Higgins-author of "Cooper" and "Fall"

30.Question and Answer Session with Mary Costello Author of The China Factory

31.Question and Answer Session with Brian Kirk Author of "The Shawl" and "New Amsterdam"

32."Cowshed" by Robert Higgins a short story

33.Question and Answer Session with Karen Quinn-author of "After Anna" and "The Bull"

34."A Rose in the Heart of New York" by Edna O'Brien- a post on Vapour Trails

35.Question and Answer Session with Madeleine D'Arcy-author of "Clocking Out"

36."Our Long Love Affair With the Short Story" an essay by Eileen Casey

37."Waiting" a short story by Billy O'Callaghan  

38."Up At The Lake" a short story by Soibhan Mannion

39.  "Dreamless" a short story by Eleanor Hooker

40.  "It Could Not Have Happened to a Nicer Man" a short story by Eddie Stack

41.  Question and Answer Session with Ruth McKee author of "Half of What I Say Is Meaningless"

42.  Question and Answer Session with Ruth Quinlinn  author of "In the Dunes"

43.  "Waiting" a short story by Billy O'Callaghan

44.  Question and Answer Session with Ethel Rohan author of Cut Through the Bone, Hard to Say and
       Goodnight Nobody

45.  "We Are Not Made of Stone" a short story by Billie O'Callaghan

46.  Question and Answer Sessions with Graham Connors editor of Number Eleven Magazine, author of "Last Orders" and "Great Expectations".

47.  "Hold the Front Page" by Sarah Clancy a short story

48.  "Journey of the  Imagination-Lessons in Transformation" an essay by Elizabeth MacDonald

49.  "One Day in London" a short story by John Duffy

50.  "Natalie and the Speedballs" a short story by Madeleine D'Arcy

51.  "The Wind Throws It Back" by Sandra Bunting- a short story

52. Question and Answer Session with Clodagh O'Brien -author of "Mission Improbable"

53.  Question and Answer Session with Noel O'Regan-author of "The Wanderer"

54.  "The Pass"  a short story by Patrick Sample

55. Question and Answer Session with John Brady- author of "The Streets of San Francisco"

56.  "When Everybody in Ballyames Had a Helicopter" a short story by Eddie Stack

57.  Question and Answer Session with Jaki McCormick author of  The Shattering

58.  An Interview With Patrick Sample by Shuana Gilligan

59.  Question and Answer Session with Shauna Gilligan, author of Happiness Comes From Nowhere

60.  A Guest post on "The Bridal Night" by Frank O'Connor from The Typists Pen book blog

61.  Question and Answer Session with Lisa Franks-co director of Dorie Press and editor of Galway Stories

62.  Question and Answer Session Guy le Jeiune author of "Jamesy"

63.  Question and Answer Session with Aiofe Brennan Author of Cougar Diaries

64.  Question and Answer Session with Sarah Bunting author of "The Wind Throws it Back"

65.  Question and Answer Session with Eleanor Hooker author of "The Shadow Owner's Companion"

66.  Question and Answer Session with Michael Gallagher editor of The First Page

67.  Question and Answer Session with the author of "Death Road"

68.  Question and Answer Session with Susan Millar DuMars author of Lights in the Distance

69. Question and Answer Session with Gerard Brierne

70.  Question and Answer Session with Caroline Healy author of "Omni(M)potent"

71.  Question and Answer Session with Henrietta McKervey author of "Between the Lines"

72.  Question and Answer Session with Colin Dardis author of Dark Chrous

73. Question and Answer Session with David Butler Author of The Last European and The Judas Kiss

74.  "Sausage" a short story by Sarah Clancy

75.  Question and Answer Session with Billy O'Callaghan author of In Exile and In Too Deep

76.  Question and Answer Session with Kimberly Campanello author of Consent

77.   Question and Answer Session with Afric McGlinchey

78.  A Question and Answer Session with John Mackenna author of Clare

79.  A Question and Answer Lucy Montague Moffitt author of "I Found a Poet on the Road"

80.   A Question and Answer Session with Danielle McLaughlin author "Midnight at Ali's King Kebab Take a Way"

81.  A Question and Answer Session with the author of Minding Children and Guest Wall

82.  A Question and Answer Session with Ger Burke author of "Ebb and Flow"

83.  A Question and Answer Session with Judith Mok-author of Gods of Babel-an internationally acclaimed opera singer

84.  A Question and Answer Session with Colm O'Shea-author of "Better, Not"- Noir fiction

85.  A Question and Answer Session with Jamie O'Connell-author of Some Kind of Beauty

86.  A Question and Answer Session with Linda Ibbotson-Poet and Photographer

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Hello Mel, I will be doing a post on 7 (perhaps 8) Irish short stories, not next week, but the next...I've already done a post on Albert Nobbs (which I will link to, but can also be found here

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