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Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Reading Life Review - February 2020

 February Authors

Column One

1. Négar Djavadi - Iran to France - Disoriental, a brilliant debut
2. Annette Binder - Germany to U.S.A - author Rise, a prize winning debut Short Story Collection
3. Allison MacLeod - Canada to U.S.A - Multi Genre Award Winning Writer

Column Two

1. Mavis Gallant - Canada to France 
2. Daniel Chavapria - Uruguay to Cuba. Noir Novels
3. Larrie D. Fereiro - U.S.A - historian of The American Revolution 

Column Three

1. Haruki Murakami - Japan
2. Jerzy Kosinski - Poland to U.S.A 
3. Voltaire - France

Column Four

1. Alice Adams - U.S.A - highly regarded novelist and author of over 100 Short stories published in The New Yorker
2. Elaine Chiew - Malaysia to Singapore - author of a marvelous debut collection The Heartsick Diaspora 

In view of the pernicious outcry against immigration prevailing in The U.S.A and much of Europe as  I write this, I note eight of the eleven writers featured on The Reading Life in February 2020 immigrated from their birthlands.  

Birth Countries of February Authors

1. Canada - 2
2. U.S.A - 2
3. Germany - 1
4. Japan - 1
5. Poland - 1
6. France -1
7. Uruguay - 1
8. Iran - 1
9. Malaysia - 1

Four male writers were featured, eight female.  Four are deceased. 

Six writers were featured for the first time.

Blog Stats

As of today, The Reading Life has received 5,963,073 page views.

There are 3699 posts online.

The five most viewed posts included three on Short Stories by authors from The Phillipines, one on “The Boundry” by Jhumpa Lahori, as well as “The Cast Off” by Waijida, translated from Urdu.

The top home countries of visitors were U.S.A, Phillipines, India,
Russia, UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

Work I read but did not post upon.

Titian: His Life A Biography by Shiela Hale. Very comprehensive in preperation for a trip to Italy that may well not happen now.

In March we Will once again be Irish Short Story Month.  

Ambrosia Bousweau for Mel u


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Buried In Print said...

I love that your reading is inspired by emigration and immigration stories: good on you!