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Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010 Reading Challenges-Tracking Page

11/17/2010-44 challenges-2 go until 2011
45 Challenges Completed
1  not started
3 challenges  begun with at least one book read  

So far I have signed up for 46 reading challenges  2010.   I have already explained why I am doing so many challenges (and may well commit to more as the new year approaches).   Appearances possibly aside, I am not simply signing up for all the challenges I can find.   I only will sign up for a challenge that will basically allow me to fully direct my own reading.   I am not attracted to what I have called "gimmick" challenges and have explicitly stated this is just a personal preference not a slam on some great challenges.    To me one of the challenges of all these challenges is just keeping track of them.   I have created this web page for that purpose.   I will update it  as I go through the year and I will also list what I have read on the individual challenge posts.  
  1. Japanese Literature Challenge 3--ends Jan 31, 2010-completed
  2. China Challenge  8 of 5-ends June 30, 2010-completed
  3. Women Unbound Challenge 17 of 8-ends Nov 30, 2010-completed
  4. Really Old Classics-1 of 1-Ends Feb 28, 2010 1-completed Jan 1, 2010
Challenges running from Jan 1 2010 to December 31, 2010

  1. Awesome Authors-3 of 3- (read books by great new to you authors) 3-completed
  2. Bibilophilic Books-3 of 3 (books about books and reading) completed
  3. Take Another Change Challenge-3 of 3-completed  4
  4. Centuries Reading Challenge-completed
  5. 18th and 19th Century Women writers-3 of 3 completed
  6. Wilkie Collins Mini Challenge 2 of 2  completed
  7. A Woman in White-Read Along 0 of 1
  8. Chunkster Challenge 6 of 6  completed
  9. All About the Brontes6 of 6 completed-highest level
  10. Flashback Challenge 4 of 4 -reread books you have read before completed
  11. GLBT Challenge 4 of 4   -completed  6
  12. Fantasy Reading 3 of 3 completed
  13. Second Reading-read a second to you book by an author 3 of 3-completed-
  14. Wish I had Read that-read a book you always have wanted to read  3 of 3--completed
  15. Books to Read Before I die-12 of 12 -completed
  16. South Asian Challenge 3 of 3-completed-4
  17. Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge -one book and one movie-1 of 1--done
  18. Mutual Read:  A Victorian Reading Challenge 6 of 5-completed
  19. Book Blogger Recommendations Challenge 2 of 5-
  20. Global Reading Challenge-6 of 6-completed
  21. TBR Challenge 10 of 10  completed
  22. New Author Challenge (new to you) 19 of 15  completed
  23. Typically British Challenge 8 of 8  completed
  24. A Tournament of Reading  (Medieval) 3  of 3 completed
  25. Aussie Author Challenge3 of 3  completed
  26. Speculative Fiction Challenge 3 of 3 completed
  27. Memorable Memoirs Reading Challenge 4 of 4 -completed
  28. Historical Fiction 3 of 3  completed
  29. Themed Reading Challenge-5 of 5-Flaubert and Friends-completed
  30. French Reading Challenge  3 of 3-completed-going for higher level-5
  31. Scottish Challenge-1of 1-completed
  32. Jewish Reading Challenge feb 27 to Sept 14 1 of 1
  33. POC challenge 16 of 16 completed highest level
  34. 52 books in 52 weeks-completed 
  35. 451 Challenge 1 of 1-Completed 
  36. Classics Challenge 6 of 6 april 1 to oct 31-completed
  37. Gothic Novels-5 of 5 completed
  38. What An Animal Challenge 6 of 6  completed
  39. Irish Reading Challenge 2 of 2 completed
  40. Spring into Short Stories 2-completed but will do more
  41. 1930s Reading Challenge 3 of 1 completed
  42. Rebecca Du Mauier 3 0f 3 completed
  43. Pre-Printing Press Challenge-0 of 3-end May 1, 2011
  44. Japanese Literature Challenge 4-4 completed
  45. D H Lawrence Challenge-2 of 4
Reading what I want to read and reading nothing I do not see as a quality book I  I feel I can complete all these challenges by December 31, 2010

updated on Nov 26-2011
Mel u

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The Literary Stew said...

Are you joining the Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge hosted by C.B. James? It sounds like fun!