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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Mutual Reads: A Victorian Reading Challenge

Amanda of The Blog Jar is hosting her first reading challenge,  The 2010 Our Mutual Reads:   A Victorian Reading Challenge.  The challenge rules are on the link.

As soon as I saw this challenge I was reminded of my love of the Victorian novel.     I will for sure read some short stories if there is a minichallenge on them.   I watch a lot of old movies on the Turner Classic Movies Channel (Both that and the MGM Channel are available on cable TV here in the Philippines) and would probably find a movie mini challenge fun.   I recently saw movies of The Portrait of Dorian Grey and The Woman in White.   I will for sure commit to level one and with any luck will complete level three.  Clarification is being sought as to whether only period books written in England count.   For Example, can you count The Bostonians?  Is  War and Peace a Victorian Novel?   The  Constance  Garnett Russians all read like them!    Is A Sentimental Education among the very best of the genre?   This is up to Amanda, of course.   Overlaps with other challenges are fine.   
This makes the 25th reading challenge I have signed up to for 2010.   I hope a lot of people will sign  up.   I thank Amanda for hosting it and look forward to reading the posts that wil result from it. 

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Suko said...

25th reading challenge?! No wonder this is breaking news!