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Monday, April 9, 2012

Irish Internet Radio Stations-Great Music for ISSW2

Irish Short Story Week
March 11 to July 1
Radio Stations for the Event

"Ladies, kiss me and
I change into a Prince for the
"The music began 5000
years ago"-Eachna
Some times you need a bit of background music for your reading.  In this post I want to list some of the best available on the Internet radio stations, some in Ireland, that you can listen to on your PC or tablet.   There are also Irish Radio Stations that feature short stories and historical information.  There are a few different sorts of Irish Music stations.  There are your "pub music stations", your Celtic music stations and stations that celebrate the history of Ireland in their music.  "Celtic Music" is kind of a misnomer as we have just about no idea what Celtic music was like, it seems to mean music dominated by the voice, often at a high pitch.  

"May I have
this dance"-Rory
I listen to these stations on my  Ipad through a program called Tunein Radio.  It is a free program (with an upgrade available) that lets you listen to 1000s of radio stations from all over the world.  I think it is a work of genius.  You can search out stations by location, music type etc.   It lists lots of literary pod casts also.   There are other programs of the same sort and programs designed for normal computers but I have only tried Tunein Radio..  

Here are some of the stations I have really enjoyed

Live Ireland from Dublin-plays a very wide variety of Irish Music

All Irish Radio-lots of country type music-The Hill Billy Hellcats are on now!

Irish Pub Music-goes out to thousands of Irish Pubs from Chicago to Cape Town to Mexico City and Manila-a  wonderful song is being played now by The Roadsiders "The Shores of  Amerikay"-much of the history of the Irish Diaspora is in this song.  

RTE 2fm 90.7 Dublin-lots of good stuff on this channel

WBGM-in Boston-very traditional-I listened to a great one hour program on this station on Irish Soldiers in The St Patricks Brigade in the Mexican Army-the kind of thing you do not learn in school.-Very much a heritage station

Irish Country Music-from Limerick-I love this station-I like to sit on my veranda early in the morning, drink ice  green tea and read old Irish short stories.  The roots of American country music is in Ireland and Scotland.  There is a lot of pain in the songs on this station.

There are lots more but this will get you started.  Of course you can listen to Irish radio stations of the same types you will find anywhere but these are special stations.   

Please let us know what your background music is for reading Irish Short Stories.  Do you listen to music on your PC or tablet?   Do you use a program other than the one I mentioned?

At Last a post that is not totally boring-


Caroline said...

Thanks for sharing this. I enjoy Irish music.

ds said...

Love Irish music. Will explore these. Thank you!

Mel u said...

Caroline-thanks there is just so much related to the Irish Short Story

ds-me to!