Short Stories, Irish literature, Classics, Modern Fiction and Contemporary Literary Fiction, The Japanese Novel and post Colonial Asian Fiction, Yiddish Culture, The Legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and quality historical novels are some of my Literary Interests

Q & A Sessions

Questions and Answer Sessions

1. Fred Johnston  Author of Dancing in the Asylum 

2. Pat Jourdon -with the author of A Small Inheritance

3. Elizabeth MacDonald-  with the author of House of Cards

4.  Orfhlaith Foyle -author of Somewhere in Minnesota

5. John Keating  the co-editor of The Penny Dreadful

6. Alice Walsh  of The Bohemyth - A Literary Journal

7. Niall Foley  author of "The Great South Wall"

8.Geraldine Mills author of Lick of the Lizard and The Weight of Feathers

9. Nuala ni Chonchuir author of Mother America, Nude, Juno, and You

10.Lane Ashfeldt  author of Saltwater

11. Arthur Broomfield Author of "Nimrod", editor of Outburst, author of forthcoming book on Samuel Beckett

12.Robert Higgins-Author of "Cooper" and "Falls"

13.Mary Costello-author of The China Factory

14. Brian Kirk author of "The Shawl" and "New Amsterdam" 

15.  Karen Quinn author of "After Anna" and "The Bull"

16.  Madeliene D'Arcy author of "Clocking Out"

17.  Ruth McKee author of "Half of What I Say is Meaningless"

18.  Kevin Higgins  author of Mentioning the War-Essays and Review 1999 to 2011

19.  Ethel Rohan author of Hard to Say, Cut Through the Bone, and Goodnight Nobody.

20. Graham Connors-editor of Number Eleven Magazine and author of "Last Orders" and "Great Expectations".

21,  Clodagh O'Brien author of "Mission Improbable"

22.  Noel O'Regan author of "The Wanderer"

23.  John Brady author of "The Streets of San Francisco"

24.  Jaki McCormack author of The Scattering

25.  Shauna Gilligan author of Happiness Comes From Nowhere

26.  Lisa Frank Co-Director of Doire Press and editor of Galway Stories

27.  Guy le Jeune author of "Jamesy"

28.  Aiofe Brennan author of Cougar Diaries

29.  Sandra Bunting author of "The Wind Throws it Back"

30.  Eleanor Hooker author of "The Shadow Owner's Companion"

31. John Duffy author of "Death Road"

32. Susan Millar DuMars author of Lights in the Distance

33.Gerard Beirne author of The Body of the Eskimo

34.  Caroline Healy author of "Omni(M)potent

35.  Henrietta McKervey author of "Between the Lines"

36.  Colin Dardis author of Dark Chorus

37.  David Butler author of The Last European and The Judas Kiss

38.  Billy O'Callaghan author of In Exile and In Too Deep

39.  Cal Doyle author of "Marcus"

40.  Kimberly Campanello author of Closure

41.  Michael Begnal author of Future Blues

42.   Steohen Wade author of "The Land of the Ever Young"

43.   Afric McGlinchey author of The Lucky Star of Hidden Things

44.  John MacKenna author of Clare

45.  Lucy Montague Moffitt author of "I Found a Poet on the Road"

46.  Danielle McLaughlin author of "Bewitched"

47.  William Wall author of Minding the Children and Ghost Estates

48.  Ger Burke author of "Ebb and Flow"

49.  Judith Mok-author of Gods of Babel-internationally acclaimed opera singer

50.  Colm O'Shea- author of "Better, Not" -Noir Fiction

51.  Jamie O'Connell author of Some Kind of Beauty

52.  Linda Ibbotson Poet and Photograph

53.  Gavin Corbett This is the Way It Is-winner of the Irish novel of the year award 2013

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