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Monday, September 5, 2016

George Eastman Bringing Photography to the People by Lynda Pflueger (a young adult biography, 2015)

1854 to 1932

Founded Eastman Kodak Company , popularized the use of film as the medium for photography, made cameras affordable to the general public, major philanthropist.

Last week I read a very good young adult biography by Lynda Pflueger on Thomas Nast, the founding father fhe American political cartoon famous for fighting political corruption in New York City.  I was very pleased to learn she also has written a book on one of the greatest of American inventors, businessmen, George Eastman, whose Kodak and Brownie cameras meant most anyone could be a photographer.  

Eastman first was interested in photography as a hobby.  His first camera cost a month salary for him Photographs were taken on plates.  Eastman, from Rochester, New York, with some help, basically invented photographic film.  He went into business making film and was very successful.  He set up plants in London and Paris as well as Rochester.  It was his inexpensive cameras, like the Kodak, a name he made up, that made him truly wealthy.  Eastman was very good to his employees, giving them periodic extra pay based on company profits.  Eastman never married.  He built a magnificent home for he and his mother.  He gave very generously to local colleges and had a special passion for providing dental care for poor children.

Eastman was a very good man, he gave away most of what he earned.  We can all admire him.

www.lyndapflueger. com

You can learn more about Pflueger's work on her very well done webpage.

I think both of her books belong in school libraries.  Raiders into American history will greatly enjoy them.

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This sounds like a wonderful biography about a wonderful and creative human being.