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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Dressmaker by Beryl Bainbridge (1973)

Beryl Bainbridge on The Reading Life

For a while my posts may be quite short.  I am kind of working of a weaking illness but still want to keep track of my reading.

The Dressmaker is a very good depiction of England at home during W W Two.   It focuses on two unmarried  middle aged sisters and their brother living together along with the brother's daughter.  His wife died in child birth.

We see them coping with rationing, facing the destruction of London. I was a bit surprised how much the American troops were resented, mostly jealousy it seemed.

I highly recommend this book for the fine character depictions and descriptions of London wartime life


Lisbeth Ekelof said...

Sorry to hear you are not well. I hope for a speedy recovery for you.

Parrish Lantern said...

Hi Mel hope you get well soon but enjoy what reading you manage during your respite

Mystica said...

I hope your health improves. I have a Brainbridge on my Kindle as yet unread. This sounds also up my street.

Mel u said...

Lisbeth Ekelof. Thanks very much for your good wishes

Parrish Lantern. Thanks. Good to see an old friend on the blog

Mystics. Thanks. Which of her books are you contemplating reading?