Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Some Observations on passing Five Million Pages Views

The Reading Life is a Multi-Cultural Book Blog Commited to Literary Globalism.  

This morning The Reading Life passed the Five Million Page Views mark.  

I recall when I told my wife back in July 2009 that I was starting a website on which I would write small articles on the things I read.  She gave me a wifely look and said “who will read these articles?”, I said I did not know and then she asked me “what if no one reads them?”   I thought then it will be amazing if I keep The Reading Life going for three months.  Now well over eight years have passed and I have done 3211 posts.  I also have done 100 Q and A sessions with Writers.  If anything is of lasting value on my Blog it will  be in the interviews.  I have come into contact with great people all over the World.  I have tremendously expanded my own reading life from your standard educated in west in the 1960s classics to encompass a much vaster deeper, wilder, wiser World.  

The greatest readers in the World are in the international book Blog communities.  

Way more than half of The Blog page views are on posts on Short Stories.  The most viewed such posts are on older Short stories by Filipino writers and Short stories by Indian authors.  Interest in Katherine Mansfield is also strong.

In theory my Blog is supposed to Center on literary works focused on people who lead reading centered lives.  I have wandered for from this but I seem to always return.  

I offer my great thanks to those who take The trouble and time to leave comments.  You have helped keep me going.  

Mel u


  1. What an inspiring number 5,000,000 is! I discovered 'The Reading Life' only recently but I have added several of their recommendations to my TBR, I have read some terrific stories, and I always look forward to reading their blogs. Thank you for contributing with all your heart to the reading and blogging community. I am eternally grateful to you all. Many thanks!

  2. Wow! Congratulations on this milestone! And thank you for posting so many links to incredible short stories!

  3. Congratulations! May you get at least another 5,000,000 page views.

  4. Congratulations! Amazing. Always enjoying reading your posts.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Blogging Year!

  5. lots of interesting posts... tx for that and all the effort it took...

  6. Mudpuddle. My great thanks for all your comments over the year. For sure helps keep me blogging

  7. Lisbeth Ekelof.merry Christmas and happy blogging year to you also

  8. Suko, we go way back in blogging years. Thanks for your comments and inspiration

  9. Deepika Ramesh. I am very glad we found each other’s blogs.

  10. Fred. Thanks for the kind words and comments over the years


your comments help keep us going and do a lot to make the blog more interesting.thanks