Saturday, July 11, 2020

Observations on The 11th birthday of The Reading Life

When I began The Reading Life on July 9, 2009 I never dreamed I would keep it going for 11 years.  Now in the midst of a worldwide pandemic I am writing my 3765 post, looking back on over six million page views.

Short Stories, Irish literature, Classics, Modern Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction, Yiddish culture, The Japanese Novel, Post Colonial Asian Fiction, The Legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and quality Historical Novels are Among my Interests

The Reading Life is a multi-cultural book blog devoted to the goals of literary globalism.

My blog has helped me get through some dark times.  I have become acquainted with lots of wonderful people, from many countries. Some very talented  writers, some fellow book bloggers and some avid readers. Many visitors are students on assignment.

Of late I have been focusing on short stories.  This will continue.

It is harder to write a post on a short story than a novel.  Those who have written both say short stories are more challenging to create.

I am now avidly reading in areas I knew nothing about years ago.  I love discovering new to me writers.

The Reading Life is one of the few book blogs that post on non-fiction, mostly history, literary biographies and literary theory.

Though my Blog I have been given sbout 2500 hundred Review books.  I look at all I am given.   It is still hard for me to turn down a free book!  I only accept E books.

Blog Stats

Eight of the ten most viewed posts of all time are about Short Stories by writers from the Philippines

The top five home lands of visitors are The USA, The Philippines,India, Russia and The UK.

Hopes for The future.

To read more great books, stay connected to my writer friends, to do what I can to oppose xenophobia and turn others on to The joy of Reading. Rich, poor or in between Reading Will enrich your Life, keep you from being bored or lonely.  Almost no Life long readers suffer cognitive declines.  Reading protects your mind.

I offer my thanks to Max u.

To my wife Lyn u.

I Thank Ambrosia Bousweau as well as Oleander Bousweau.  The Bousweau Foundation is ever faithful to The Reading Life. Should I need a break, The Blog Will be left in their hands.

To my fellow book bloggers, among the greatest readers in the world, keep blogging.  The world needs you in these dark times

Mel u


  1. What a fantastic achievement. You really have turned The Reading Life into a cultural reference point!

  2. your blog is definitely a public service... congratulations on 11 years of posting!

  3. Keep on, keeping on! You still have soooo many books and stories to read and write about!


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