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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three Great Reading Challenges

This week I am joining three new reading challenges that offer the potential for edification as well as a chance to learn about some great books through my fellow challenge participants.

POC Reading Challenge

Last year I read and posted on 51 books by People of Color (POC).   I am understanding this to mean people of non-European ancestory.   I plan to continue with this in 2010 with a focus on Japanese, Filipino and Indian authors.   Last year I discovered several new to me authors who are POC that I have added them  to my "read everything they have written list".   I am joining this challenge in support of the project of diversified reading and in order to learn about some more great new to me authors.

The Rules for the POC Reading Challenge are on the challenge blog-There are reading lists and links for books reviewed.    There are various levels of commitment.   I will commit to level 5-16 to 25 books.  

Scottish Reading Challenge

Wuthering Expectations is hosting another challenge I found irresitable, The Scottish Literature Challenge.   The rules are simple-read one book by a Scottish author (written before 1914 or so) in 2010.  A unique feature for this challenge is the host, Amateur Reader, has promised to read any book that participants read (if he has not read it before).    He has done a lot of work providing reading suggestions.   I have in fact already read and posted on Boswell's The Journal of a Tour to the HebridesI hope later in the year to read a work by Robert Louis Stevenson and Walter Scott and if I can work it in Tobias Smollett but I have completed the terms of this challenge.  I hope to read a lot of good reviews of Scottish books.

Jewish Literature Challenge 2010

The rules of the Jewish Challenge 2010 (runs from February 27 to Sept 10, 2010) are simple and explained on the link to the challenge.   The challenge post also gives us lots of reading ideas.  

(To challenge hosts, I cannot post all the badges for every challenge I am reading for in 2010 on my blog as it will slow down my load time.)


Amateur Reader (Tom) said...

No, wait, hang on - I want to point out that I'm only committing to one book per person! Although I do hope there are enough overlapping readers and books that it will seem like I'm reading everything.

The other challenges sound excellent. I'll almost certainly read something for the Jewish challenge, probably an early Yiddish writer.

Mel u said...

Amateur Reader-ok one person person is more than fair!!-I guess if we have 20 people in the Scottish channel and each one reads 10 different books it might overload you!

Suko said...

Three more reading challenges?! Wow!!!

Great graphic--you have quickly mastered the graphics generator!

Suko said...

(P.S. Mel, when are you going to host a reading challenge?)

Mel u said...

Suko-thanks again for the tip on the graphics generator-got some ideas

Suko said...

(P.P.S. Mel, please stop by my blog when you get a chance--I have an award for you!)

Marie Cloutier said...

good luck with your challenge- i'm going to have to check out the jewish challenge! :-)