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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paris in the Spring: Emile Zola on Classics Circuit Tour

I have followed for some time The Classics Circuit, a monthly event in which a particular author's work is spotlighted on a scheduled basis on various blogs.   I have enjoyed and learned a lot from the various posts that have resulted from The Classics Circuit Tour.   One of my reading themes for this year involves reading books by friends and disciples of Gustave Flaubert.   So far I have read Indiana by George Sand and Jean et Pierre by Guy Du Maupassant.     Emile Zola was a disciple of Flaubert so when I saw The Classics Circuit was going to be treating Zola in April I decided it was time for me to join in the tour.    I will be posting on Germinal on April 22, 2010.    (Here is the full schedule for the tour.)    I look forward to reading all the posts that will result from 30 or so participants in the tour.

Zola's (1840 to 1902)    literary output was huge.   I choose Germinal as it seems to be considered his master work.    Germinal is the story of a miners strike in northern France in the 1860s.   I am looking forward to reading it and joining in  the circuit for the first time. 

In May I will be reading Georges by Alexander Dumas for The Classics Tour.      


JoV said...

The time when I noticed Zola was because he had a "Z" on his last name! especially helpful if you are working the A to Z challenge.

But will surely read one of his books soon.

Suko said...

Ooh la la! Your blog looks divine!

I look forward to reading your Classic Circuit posts.

Cat said...

I'm a Classics Circuit participant too - reading The Masterpiece by Zola for this next round.

Your blog is lovely and I've enjoyed reading some of the posts - now a follower.