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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Paris In July-A Fun Creative Event-Four Short Stories

Paris in July

Bookbath and Thyme for Tea are jointly hosting a celebration of French culture in July.    There are lots of ways you can participate.   You can cook French food, read some French literature, see some French movies,  or even go to Paris.   The only requirement is that you post on it and link back to the host blogs so all participants can share in your experience.   Lately I have been exploring the short story and reading some Japanese novels.  ( The events takes place from July 1 to July 31, 2010.)     Guy du Maupassant is often mentioned right below Chekhov among the world's best authors of short stories.   I recently read his short novel Pierre et Jean, which I greatly enjoyed.    As I read more pre-WWI Japanese novels and study a bit the background of the authors I am starting to see the modern Japanese novel as coming into existence when a number of young men at elite schools in the 1890s to 1910  began to fall in love with writers like Shendhal, Zola and du Mauspassant.   As my participation in the challenge  I will read short stories by four different 19th century French authors, one per week.    I will read only stories that  can  be  read on line so others can read them if they like.   

I am looking forward to reading all of the posts.    You can sign up and get the full details at either  Bookbath or Thyme for Tea.    I think this will be a lot of fun and hope more people will sign up.    


JoAnn said...

Great idea, Mel! I plan on reading some short stories for the event, too.

Mel u said...

Joann-I will be eager to see what you read-