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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Guest Post on Getting Started in the Indian Short Story

Risa of Breadcrumb Reads has honored me by asking me to be the first guest poster for her year long event on short stories.

My post is on Getting Started in the Indian Short Story.  I also included some reflections on how I went from the opinion, shared by most, that short stories were simply not a satisfying literary form to a love for the genre.

You can read my post HERE.

Risa has a beautifully done blog and I think if you look around a bit you will want to follow Bread Crumb Reads as I have done for a long time.   

Mel u


WordsBeyondBorders said...

Thanks mel, especially for your reference to Bama.

Bama’ is one the most important dalit voices writing in Tamil. Her works caused a great deal of discussion and cast a new light on the plight of dalits, especially even after they converted to Christianity, where they still faced the same untouchability. Her works are also critical of the Chruch and the way it discriminates against dalits who have converted to Christianity. Bama herself was in a seminary before she left it disgusted by the double standards there too.

Suman said...

That's a lovely compilation. Ismat Chughtai, an old favourite of mine, had become somewhat dusty in my mind. Thanks for reminding me to revisit her.

Mel u said...

WordsBeyondBorders-thanks so much for this very informative comment-I searched today for more work on line by Bama and "Scorn" maybe her only work published online-if you know of any sources for her work let me know and thanks again for your comnents

WordsBeyondBorders said...

I don't think many of her works are available online, but her novels 'Sangati'/'Karukku' has been translated into English by Oxford press. (translator 'Lakshmi Holmstrom')