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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Landing by Emma Donoghue (2007)

Landing by Emma Donoghue (1969, Dublin) is a romance novel centering on a 39 year old air hostess of Indian and Irish parentage living in Dublin and a much younger Canadian woman from a small town in Ontario named "Ireland".   The Canadian woman is the curator of a small regional history museum.    

The story starts out on an international flight from Toronto to London.   The seat mate of the Canadian woman dies in flight and the air hostess deals with the death and helps the woman cope in a version of the "cute meet" of future lovers.  We see their relationship develop through e mail.  The story centers on the nature of long distance relationships. 

What I liked best about this  novel was the settings in Dublin and seeing how the air hostess (don't dream of calling them "stews") viewed her work.  There is some sex in the novel but it is mild stuff. There are some interesting scenes about gay life in Dublin.   The male minor gay characters are a bit one dimensional.

This is a well written book that might be good light reading on a long flight.   

Mel u

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Suko said...

Mel, your blog has changed since my last visit!

I'm glad you enjoyed Landing.