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Monday, May 15, 2023

The Foretelling by Alice Hoffmann- 2006- 198 Pages

The Foretelling by Alice Hoffman - 2006 - 198 Pages

Prior to today I have posted on two wonderful short stories by Alice Hoffman.
Thanks to some bargain pricing on her novels in Kindle format, I now have eight of her 30 plus works on my E reader.

The Foretelling is designated on Amazon as a book for 12 and up readers.

It is set somewhere on the steppes near the Black Sea, somewhere in an ancient era. It focuses on a community of women warriors. They are deeply bonded with their horses and in perpetual conflict with proximate male dominated societies. Killing at least three men is a requirement to receive the tattoos of a warrior. 

The narrator is the daughter of the current queen. She and her mother are not close.

I found the plot captivating and I felt an empathy with the characters, especially with their love of horses and the narrator's bonding with a bear. There are elegant descriptions of the steppes and forests.
I really liked the closing.

I am still seeking suggestions as to further reads in Alice Hoffman

 Alice Hoffman is the New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty works of fiction, including Practical Magic, The Dovekeepers, Magic Lessons, and most recently, The Book of Magic. Her works have been translated into more than twenty languages, she has been 
Nominated for multiple awards, and adapted for the screen. She lives in Boston. Visit her website at


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