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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Friendship" by Max - A post from the Anjali House Writing Project

"Friendship" by Max


   One year ago, there were two friends. Their names were Dararand Socheata. They are always helping each other when they are having a problem, like when Darar went to school he walked on the road next to the school. He saw Socheata crying in the garden and he went to Socheata and asked him what happened.Socheata said, “Yesterday I went to the market to buy some vegetables. After I buy some vegetables I came back to the house to cook the food for my grandmother. When the

food was cooked, I gave it to my grandmother. When my grandmother ate the food she became sick and my mother blamed me and fought with me and said Socheata, you always make everybody say you are a jerk.”

   Darar told Socheata, “When your mother blames you, you need to say sorry to your mother and explain to her what happened with your grandmother.”

   Socheata told Darar, “I can not because my mother said I can not stay in the house.”

   Darar said, “Socheata, I will go to your house with you to ask your mother.”

   When Darar went to the house he saw Socheata’s mother.Socheata stayed in the room when Darar talked to his mother. And Socheata talked to his mother, too, and said, “I am very sorry that my grandmother was sick. I am sorry, Mother.”

   And his mother said, “I am sorry, too. Son, I love you. Do you want to eat some rice?”




Max, age 17 (pen name)


Six years ago my school had a study tour. We went to KulenMountain. There were 34 people. We went by bus. When we arrived there we swam, we enjoyed singing and swimming and they took a lot of pictures. We were very happy. After we swam we had lunch in the forest. After we had lunch we relaxed. At 1 o’clock we climbed the mountain, we prayed to the god to get good luck and we played around the pagoda. After that we went to the hotel and we had dinner in the restaurant. After we had dinner we went to Sixty Road and played some games. At 11 o’clock we came back to the hotel and went to sleep. In the morning at 7 o’clock we came back home. We were very happy.

Mel u 

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