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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Travel" by Soupie. - A Wonderful Poem from the Anjali House Writing Project - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sue Guiney's Introductory Post  - contains important links 

Soupie, like all the work shop participants, is just starting to learn English. Unlike European languages, the structure and grammer of the Khmer language does not share Latin roots with English, making it very hard to master. The two languages do not share a common alphabet and Khmer is written from left to right.   

My thanks to Soupie, a pen name to protect her privacy, for allowing me to share this very moving poem with my readers.  You can see the recurring images of forests.  


 by Soupie


I want to go to England

Because I like to travel

Because I like to work in another country

England has a lot of people

England has four seasons

At night the weather sometimes is cold

I like to live in a hot country but I want to feel cold

like in England

Before I travel I can’t sleep. I am scared.

But when I travel I think I will feel

Happy to see a new place

Sad maybe to see a fire in a forest

Pity if I see people who don’t have houses

Excited to see a beautiful forest

I like to travel to new countries







Soupie, age 15 - we have neither bio data or a photograph of Soupie but I think we can discern an innate goodness and curiosity in her moving poem.

Mel u

Ruprecht sends greetings to all Anjali House Writing Project Participants

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