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Monday, December 9, 2013

"Good Friends" by Kent - From The Anjali House Writing Project. - Siem Reap, Cambodia

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My Overview of the Project

My Q and A with Dana Hui Lim author of Mother and the Tiger- A Memoir of the Killing Fields. - essential background information

My thanks to Kent (a pen name) for allowing me to share this intriguing story with my readers.

"Good Friends" 

 by Kent


   One hundred million years ago, there were many people who

lived together in the forest. There were three men. They were Jon, Peter and Jack. Every one was strong.

   One day they discussed with each other to go to the forest

to hunt the animals. During their hunting of the animals, there was a tiger coming. A tiger wanted to kill them for food. And then they saw the tiger. Jon said, “Oh! Tiger! We must run away. ”

   But Jack said, “No, we shouldn’t run away. We must go to

kill this tiger. Because this tiger used to kill people before.”

   Peter said, “Okay. I agree.”

   While they were speaking, the tiger ran into them. Three of

the men cooperated to kill the tiger. Soon the tiger died.

   They took the tiger to their village, and they shared the meat

with the villagers. Since that time those three men were all good friends.


Kent, age  16 -  there is no biographical data for Kent but I think you can sense determination and high intelligence in his picture.

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