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Friday, December 6, 2013

"A Kind Man and an Orphan" Sonya. - from The Anjali House Writing Project

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My Overview of the Project

My Q and A with Dana Hui Lim author of Mother and the Tiger- A Memoir of the Killing Fields. - essential background information

Sonya's story (all writers are using pen names) helps us understand Anjali House and its wonderful work.

"A Kind Man and an Orphan Kid" by Sonya

   One day, one boy called Kim walked on the street and was crying. But then his luck changed. He met one foreigner and his name was Sam. He is a manager of one organization called Anjali House in Siem Reap. He is a very kind man. He always helps the kids who have no family or are poor. When he met the boy he asked him about his family and his relatives. The boy said he had no mother and father because they died from illness and because they had nothing to eat. After he heard the boy’s story he had much pity for him and he asked the boy to go to study and live with him. The boy was very happy and went with him.

   After he stayed there for one month he looked a lot better. He had good clothes, he had something to eat, place to stay and he also had a lot of friends there. Sam is a good person. He helped Kim to study from start until finish. Kim is a good boy. He studied very hard and when he was 18 he finished high

school and continued studying at university. Sam always helped him and other kids. Four years later Kim finished university and his hope was to work as a doctor because he wanted to help people like Sam had. He studied and at that time he also tried to help himself by working a part-time job. He didn’t expect

Sam to help with everything because he had a goal and hope.Eight years was not so long for him.

   Then one day was the day he graduated. He finished and he went to work as a doctor. He was very excited and happy. Sam was also very happy because the kid that he tried to help got success in his life. He didn’t want to get anything back from Kim. After that, Kim went to work as a doctor and he helped kids and old people. He never forgot how Sam helped him and kept him like his father. The last words he said to Sam were ”Thank you.”

We do not have any biographical data on Sonya.

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