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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Six Year Blogiversary of The Reading Life -Observations, Plans and Hopes

When I began my blog on July 7, 2009, on the whim of a moment, I never dreamed it would last this long and become so important to me.  As of today there are 2642 posts.  The blog has had 3,512,294 page views.  The top countries of visitor residency are The USA, the Philippines, India, the U. K. and France.  The metro Manila area has ever since I have tracked these things been the most likely home for a visitor.  

The most viewed posts are on classic short stories by writers from the Philippines.  This has held constant for years.  The most searched for author is Katherine Mansfield followed closely by R. K. Narayan.  Readership for posts on Indian short stories is also high.

I thank very much all of the authors, over 100, who have enriched my blog greatly by participating in Q and A sessions.   I thank all who have done guests posts.  I thank very much all who make comments.  
There are readers who gave viewed every posts for years, I thank them.  

I thank Max u for his Amazon Gift cards and encouragement.

Future Plans

Short term I will finish up Honore de Balzac's The Human Comedy and hopefully reread Proust this year.  I will be reading more Irish short stories, the most frequently posted  upon topic on my blog.

I am in the midst of several permanent reading projects.  Among them are Indian Short Stories, Austro-Hungarian Literature, pre World War Two short stories of the Philippines, German literature, and the Japanese novel.  

I have been kindly given many review books and post on as many as work for my blog.  

This year Ambrosia Boussweau, very knowledgeable in French and Indian Literature, became the European Editor of The Reading Life.  

All comments and suggestions are very welcome.


Suko said...


Congratulations on six years of blogging! Your prolific, wonderful blog has introduced me to many writers from many countries. I hope you'll publish The Reading Life for many more years.

Mel u said...

Suko, thanks so much, your blog is one of my inspirations.

Jonathan said...

Congratulations Mel. I'm always amazed at how much good stuff you read. Here's to the next six years!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mel. Here is six more years of this wonderful blog, which means more reading for you. This space that you've created is definitely appreciated. Thank you.