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Friday, December 11, 2015

"He Drank Me Up" by Clarice Lispector 1974 (from the Complete Short Stories of Clarice Lispector, August 2015, translated by Katrina Dodson, edited by Benjamin Moser

"He Drank Me Up" starts in front of the Copocabana Palace Hotel, one of the most glamourus hotels in the world.  Two friends , a beautiful woman and her gay male companion, a make up artist have been waiting for a cab for over an hour.  A wealthy man of fourty tells the woman is chauffeur will arrive shortly and asks if he can offer them a ride.  They accept and are soon back at his elegant apartment. 

He invites them to,dinner at a fashionable restaurant, one still open in Rio. Soon the three of them are a kind of item, frequently going out.  The woman fears the man is more attracted to her friend than to her. 

At night before they go out, the make up artist works on her.  She begins to fear he is draining the life from her.

As I read this entertaining story it seemed very much like a work of Colette. 

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