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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Irish Short Story Month - Year Ten - March 2020

Irish Short Story Month - Year Ten - March 2020

Writers of Irish short stories pretty much have set the tone for much of the cultural and literary trends of the last 100 years.   Bram Stroker and Joseph Sheridan La Fanu basically started the vampire craze that is still going strong all over the world.   Oscar Wilde helped create a new sensibility, that has opened up an entire new way of looking at the world.    Among Irish short story writers are James Joyce, most important 20th century and beyond novelist, Samuel Beckett the most important 20th century playwright, and William Butler Yeats, for sure the greatest poet of the Twentieth century and for me one of the very greatest of all times.    Stepping down from Mount Parnasssus, we have wonderful writers like my literary love, Elizabeth Bowen to represent the Anglo-Irish.   Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu is considered among the very best writers of Ghost stories.   Not bad for a country just a little bit bigger than the American state of West Virginia and less than one percent the size of Australia.

In March, 2011 I devoted a ten day week to Irish Short Stories.  In 2012 a ten day event turned into a Month.  In March 2013, anticipating a first time ever trip to Ireland with Max u, I focused on Irish Short Stories for four months.  Since then March, centering on St Patrick’s Day, March on The Reading Life has been Irish Short Story Month. 

During this time I did a number of Q and A sessions with Irish writers.  (If anything will endure from my Blog it is my  100 Q and A Sessions.)

This will be the tenth year in which I have observed Irish Short Story Month. The Irish are very into tradition and my own Observation of Irish Short Story Month is my way of honouring  Irish writers. In these ten years I have followed as much as I can the literary careers of a number of Irish writers.  I hope  maybe someday long in the future people will wonder who was this Mel u who was able to see the future greatest of Irish writers,  just as they entered the literary World.

Irish Short Story months serves to motivate me to read more Irish Short Stories.  If you look at The opening collage you Will see images of some of works I hope to feature.

I am hoping to feature writers new to me.  Anyone interested in being featured please contact us.  

Mel u
Oleander Bousweau
Ambrosia Bousweau 

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