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Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Reading Life Review - January, 2020

January Authors 

Row 1

1. Chava Rosenfarb- Poland to Canada, highly prolific multi-genre Yiddish writer
2. Cynthia Ozick - U S A
3. Tadeusz Borowski - Poland - classic stories of Auschwitz 
4. Patrick K. O’Donnell - U.S.A distinquished historian of The American Revolution - 
5. Ida Fink - Poland to Israel - Holocaust Era Short Stories
6. Sholom Asch - Poland to U.S.A - muti-genre Yiddish writer
7. Nada Kavoosifor, M.D. - Iran - Short stories and novels set in Tehran

Row 2

1. Samuel Johnson - UK
2. Rabin Alameddine - Lebanon - author of A Difficult Woman
3. Marian Karpilove - Russia to U.S.A (NYC) Yiddish writer, author of Diary of a Lonely Girl, hundreds of short stories
4. Elaine Chiew - Malaysia to Singapore- author The Heartsick Diaspora- I hope to follow her work for a long time
5. San Lin Tun - Myanmar- novels and short stories set in Yangon. I anticipate more posts on his work
6. Mavis  Gallant- Canada to France 

Row 3

1. Kathleen Keyembe - USA-award winning author of occult and fantasy stories, LGTBQ author, We hope to feature more of her work soon
2. Isiah Spiegel- Poland to Israel- Yiddish Holocaust stories
3. Ruth Reich - USA - highly regarded food writer
4. Marjorie Rawlings- USA - author The Yearling- Pulitzer Prize Winner
5. Natsuko Kuroda - Japan. Multi-Award winning writer

Home Countries of Authors

1. Poland - 6
2. U.S.A - 5
3. UK - 1
4. Myanmar - 1
5. Lebanon - 1
6. Canada - 1
7. Japan - 1
8. Mayalsia - 1
9. Iran - 1

In January we featured eleven works by women, seven by men.  Writers are equally split between the living and the deceased.
Six writers were featured for the first time in January.

We observed Holocaust Remberance Day on January 27 and 28 with postings on six Short Stories

For 11th year we are participating in The Japanese Literature Challenge.

We are following along as we can with Buried in Print’s read through of the Short Stories of Mavis Gallant.

We continued on with our Revolutionary Readings Project and The Yiddish Literature Project began six years ago.

Blog Stats for January 

Since inception there has been 5,932,173 page views

The top home countries for visitors were 

1. USA
2. The Philippines 
3. India
4. Russia
5. UK
6. Germany
7. Indonesia 
8. France

The most viewed post for the month was:

“The Century Carver" a short story by Oka Rusmini-An Indonesian Short Story.  This was posted August 10,2010

The next four most viewed posts were on short stories by authors from the Philippines.

Books I read in January that i have so far not posted upon.

1. The Fifth Season by N. K.Jemisin. Part one of The Hugo Award winning Broken Earth trilogy.  I hope to post on this when i complete the trilogy.
2. The 42nd Parallel by John Dos Passos. Part One of his U.S.A trilogy, if i complete trilogy i hope to post on it.
3. Baba Dunja’s Last Love by Alina Bronsky
4. The Audacity of Inez Burns by Stephen Bloom
5. Brothers at arms : American independence and the men of France and Spain Who  Saved It by Larrie D. Ferreiro. A great work . I Will post on this soon

Blog Changes, with Help  of Arfington B. Tachenzard , Design  Consultant, joining us for the first Quarter of 2020, we made a few  modifications to the layout.

My thanks to Max u for kind Amazon Gift Cards.


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Mel, if this is your month's reading, I can't imagine what your annual number would look like (though I think I know). Your blog is a literary melting pot. Truly impressive!