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Monday, March 1, 2021

The Reading Life Review - February 2021

 By Rows, left to right 

  1. Sonia Shah - USA - author of The Next Great Migration: The Beauty and Terror of Life on the Move. An essential book .  I hope to read all her books.
  2. Ivy Ngeow - Malaysia to UK - was born and raised in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. A graduate of the Middlesex University Writing MA programme, She won the 2005 Middlesex University Literary Prize out of almost 1500 entrants worldwide. She has written non-fiction for Marie Claire, The Star, The New Straits Times, South London Society of Architects’ Newsletter and Wimbledon magazine. Her fiction has appeared in Silverfish New Writing anthologies twice, The New Writer and on the BBC World Service. Author of Overboard - on my read everything list 
  3. Yu Yu - Myanmar- Yu Ya (1987) is the youngest scion of one of Myanmar’s most famous literary families.  The only woman in Myanmar to hold both a BA and MA in creative writing, she has won awards in interstate poetry competitions at township and state level.  She has published over 40 short stories, poems and essays for several of the leading literary journals in Myanmar including Shwe Amyutae, Thouk Kyar, Yati and Padouk Pwint Thit.  She currently works for BBC Media Action contributing to radio dramas on social and community issues.
  4. Amor Towles - USA - Author of A Gentleman in Moscow - a marvelous novel. Perfect lockdown book
  5. Joseph Opaloshu - Poland to New York City. - very prolific multi-genre Yiddish language writer

Row 2

  1. Robert Alexander - USA - author of three best selling late Romanov era novels.  I hope to read them all
  2. Ogai Mori. Japan. Highly regarded for novels and Short Stories
  3. Jenny Bhatt - India to USA - author debut Short story collection Each of Us Killers. I hope to post on much more of
  4. Lola Shoneyin - Nigeria - Author of The Four Wives of Baba Segi- forthcoming Netflix Series 
  5. Chiabundo Owuzo.  Nigeria - Author Welcome to Lagos - i Will read all her future work if able 

Row 3

  1. Julia Flynn Siler - USA - historian. Author The Lost Kingdom - on Hawaii
  2. Kenzaburo Óe - Japan. Nobel Laureatte - one of my favourite writers 
  3. Souvankham Thammavinasa - Laos to Canada. Author of widely acclaimed debut collection focusing on Laotian Refugees.  How to Pronounce Knife- i intend to post on numerous more of her works
  4. Leonora Sansay - USA - author of The Horrows of Dominica - from 1802
  5. Sayaka Murata - Japan. Author of The Convenience Store Woman. A cult classic . I have added her to my read all I can list.

Birthlands of February Authors

  1. USA - 5
  2. Japan - 3
  3. Nigeria - 2
  4. Myanmar - 1
  5. Poland - 1
  6. Laos -  1
  7. Malaysia - 1
  8. India - 1

In February works by ten women and five men were featured.  Twelfe writers are living now. 

Eleven are featured for first time, four are old friends 

In February we posted on six   novels, two were set in late Romanov Russia, two in contemporary Lagos, one in 19th century Poland and one in the early 19th century years of slave revolts in Haiti.

Two wonderful works of narrative nonfiction were featured as were six short stories.

I read the but did not feel able to post  on Chava Rosenfarb’s Diary of her time in Bergen-Belsen.  A good correction for anyone who feels upset because they are under lockdown in comfortable conditions with no material hardships.  

 The Reading Life- is A Multi-cultural book blog dedicated to the goals of literary globalism 

Short Stories, Irish literature, Classics, Modern Fiction, Contemporary Literary Fiction, The Japanese Novel, Post Colonial Asian Fiction, The Legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and quality Historical Novels are Among our Interests

Blog Stats 

Our posts have been viewed times 


There are 3881 posts currently online

Top Ten Home Countries of Visitors for February 

  1. Sweden - first time ever in Top Ten
  2. USA
  3. The Phillippines 
  4. India
  5. Germany
  6. UK
  7. Indonesia 
  8. UAE
  9. Canada 
  10. Brazil

For reasons unknown to me, a very large number of visitors have been coming from Sweden.  

The most viewed post in February was on Short Story by Gabriel Cruz, “Eva is inside Her Cat”.  Included among The five most viewed posts were three Short Stories by authors from India and one from The Phillippines.

Future Plans

The Japanese Literature Challenge continues until March 31.  

For 11 years March has been Irish Short Story Month on The Reading Life.  This Will continue this year.

From The books and authors pictured in my side bar you can gain a good idea of my near term Reading plans and hopes.

I offer my great thanks to all who leave comments.  You Help keep me going.  

To my fellow book bloggers, The World’s greatest readers, please keep blogging.

As Always I depend on the help and vast erudition of Ambrosia and Oleander Boussweau as well as support from the foundation 

Mel u

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What a great month you've had. My copy of the Towles novel is on hold for me; hopefully I can get to it soon. It seems long, but it sounds like it will read very quickly!