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Friday, August 6, 2021

Writers & Lovers by Lilly King - 2020


Writers & Lovers by Lilly King - 2020 - A Novel

Set in 1997 in New England, the central character is Cssey Peabody.  She is a trying very hard to finish her first novel for the last six years.  She is bogged down by $73,000 in student loans and credit cards bills.  She is overwhelmed with grief for the unexpected death of her mother. 

She lives in her landlord’s garage.  She walks his dog for a discount on rent.  She works as a waitress.  A lot of the novel is devoted to her work place.  No body wants to make working there a life time career and this area of her life is well pottrsyed.

Casey is, when we first meet her, involved in a love affair with a famous writer she met at a workshop. It is not what she needs. She has been unlucky in love. Her father is far from perfect.

Her friend Muriel takes her to a book signing where she meets to more romantic interests.  One an older writer, Oscar,with three popular novels and a young poet, a student of the writer.  We see Casey struggle to either pick one or stay single.

The book shows how hard it can be to focus on finishing a novel. The book does take an exciting turn when she at last finishes the novel, mails it off and gets a very positive response.

I would have liked to have been taken future into Casey’s future than we were.

There are numerous very well done bookish conversations I really enjoyed. If it had been set just a few years in the future the internet would change everything for aspiring writers.

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Her website has a bio and details on her other books. 

 I hope to read more of her work.

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Mystica said...

I read this one and I was so drawn into the story. I will be keeping a look out for more from this author.