Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome to All Book Blog Hoppers-Aug 26 to August 28

Welcome to The Reading Life

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Charles is very excited to be
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I have been an on and off participant in The Book Blogger Hop hosted by Jennifer of Crazy for books for a long time.   I have found it to be a great place to discover new to me blogs and meet some great book bloggers.    

My blog and my reading focuses on an ever evolving collections of reads but for now I am very into South Asian Short Stories, Japanese fiction, classics, Katherine Mansfield, Flannery O'Connor, Elizabeth Bowen and Virginia Woolf.   I also read a wide variety of short stories and review an occasional carefully selected new work.

My blog is the home of Irish Short Story Week centered around St Patrick's Day.   I am open to book blog events.  

Every week Jennifer poses an interesting question for us-here is this weeks question:

This week Jennifer asks us a non-reading question-do you have any pets?

We have three cats.   Charles, a 19 year old Siamese, is co-editor of The Reading Life.   We also have a rescue cat Tammy about a year old now and an outdoor cat that comes to us when he is hungry or wants a long nap.   

I will follow back all who follow me-just leave a comment letting me know you are now a follower

Mel u


  1. Aww I love Siamese Cats so so sososososos much. haha.

    My Hop is here!

  2. Don't tell my cat she can be co-editor! It'll be nothing but cat books and tummy rub timeouts.

  3. Your cat is adorable. Now I know why your blog is so awesome. It's because Charles is the co-editor, right? LOL. :)


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