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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marching With Caesar: Civil War by R. W. Peake

Marching With Caesar: Civil War by R. W. Peake (2012, 540 pages, 1959 KB)

Orangeberry Book Tours – Marching With Caesar: Civil War by RW Peake

Marching With Caesar: Civil War by R. W. Peake is the second book in the critically acclaimed Marching With Caesar Series.   Lots of things happen in this fascinating historical well researched novel.  The central character, Titus Pullus, is part of Julius Caesar's Tenth Legion.   The Tenth Legion played a central role in Roman history as they were the muscle behind Caesar's conversion of Rome from a Republic to an Empire.  Titus serves in Spain, he fights in the crucial battle of Pharsalus that ended the war of the  First Triumvirate and in a perhaps even more dangerous venue he learns to deal with the treachery of Roman politics.   The novel shows very well Titus' relationships with his fellow soldiers and his superiors and gives a good feel for what life in the Roman army was like for the ordinary person.  We also see how his long terms of services impacted his family.   

I found this novel to be an exciting and interesting work.  I was in sympathy with the main characters while seeing their flaws and the brutal world of which they were a part.  

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Genre – Historical Fiction
Rating – PG13
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