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Saturday, January 5, 2019

My First Quarter Reading Life Goals - The Reading Life Que

I am starting to accumulate a lot of books I want to read in the first quarter of 2019, the highest priority items are in the pic above.  As I finish a book or decide not to read it I will remove it and add another. I will update the list every month.

If you have read any of these works, your thoughts would be appreciated 

I will continue to read short stories, Yiddish literature, Japanese Fiction, Holocaust related works.  

I would welcome any suggestions in these areas 


Lisbeth said...

I have read nonemof them. I have A.S. Byatt’s book though, even with a dedication from her. I went for a gathering when she visited Brussels some years ago. She is great fun and it was interesting to hear her talk about her writing. This sounded like a great book, and I don’t know why Indid not get round to read it. Might join you and read it this year.

Mel u said...

Lisbeth, a joint read of The Children's book sounds great,. Glad you had opportunity to hear A S Byatt speak.

Buried In Print said...

I bet the Byatt will be a very satisfying story. I remember having a good giggle about a copy of it that I found in the paperback shelves at the library when it was freshly published, in the adult section, but with a little sticky marker on the spine (the kind that sometimes has a maple leaf for Canadian books, or a magnifying glass for mysteries) that read "Children's". Either a staff member also thought it quite funny. Or someone unfortunately mistook the title as a reflection of the content!