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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Mastering the Art of French Eating:Lessons in Food and Love from a Year in Paris by Ann Mah. 2015 - 273 Pages

Mastering the Art  of French Eating:Lessons in Food and Love from a Year  in Paris by Ann Mah. 2015 - 273 Pages 

A dream has come true for a very passionate foodie, Ann Mah and her American Diplomatic Corp husband Calvin, he has been given a three year assignment in Paris.  Sadly, soon after they arrive he is sent to Irag for a year. No families are allowed there.  Mah is initially crushed by her loneliness. She fears for Calvin’s safety.

Calvin encourages her to employ her passion for French  cooking by  travels through country.  She seeks out the Regional sprcialities of the regions she visits.  For each of The ten regions she provides a brief history, introduces local chefs.  She visits three Star Michelin restaurants and simple cafes known only to locals.  At the close of each chapter there is an elegant recipe of a famous French dish.  You Will leave this book hungry!

Mah shares her aclimation to living in Paris as an American of Chinese ancestory, slowly learning French and getting a job at The American Library.

She talks about Julia Child, another diplomatic wife in Love with Paris and French Food. Diplomats have no real fixed home.  

Mastering the Art  of French Eating:Lessons in Food and Love from a Year  in Paris is s very good book.  To me it brought on deep feelings of regret.  I had planned to travel to Paris in 2022 with my wife. She passed away on January 19.

I have a copy of Mah’s debut novel Kitchen Chinese and hope to read it soon.

“Ann Mah is an American food and travel writer and the bestselling author of The Lost Vintage and three other books. A frequent contributor to the New York Times’ Travel section, she lives in Paris and Washington, DC.”

Mel Ulm


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