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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three Great 2011 Reading Challenges

This year I am cutting way back in the challenges I am doing.   Last year I signed up for 47 challenges and completed 44.   It was fun but this year I will do at the most ten.   With these three challenges I have signed up for seven so far in 2011.

This will be the second year I have participated in this challenge.    I think it is a very well run challenge.   This year I  will focus on Colette.    I will read more Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde and Yukio Mishima also.   My blog will always be focused on Katherine Mansfield also.    I just discovered via reading Susan Sontag's "Notes on  Camp", Ronald Firbanks and I hope to read him in 2011.   I read a bit of him online earlier today and loved it.    If anyone knows where I can read a lot of his work on line please leave a comment.   He is now public domain.    I think once you read him you will for sure wonder where he has been all your literary life.

You can sign up here and read the rules for the GLBT Challenge

Oscar Wilde Challenge

Melissa at Armchair Archives is hosting the first Oscar Wilde reading challenge.   I have read The Picture of Dorian Grey a  couple of times and some of the plays.   I recently got into his short stories and hope to read a few more of them this year.   They are quite good if you have not read them.

You can sign up and read the rules here for the Oscar Wilde Challenge.

2011 Chunkster Challenge

This will be my 3rd year of participation in this challenge.   It involves read books at least 450 pages long.   I sign up to support this very well run challenge.   You can commit to various levels.  I will commit to read 4 books over 450 pages.

You can read the rules and sign up here for the Chunkster Challenge

I am signing up for these challenges to have fun, learn about some new books, support the international community of book bloggers and to continue to build my contacts.  

I thank the hosts of these challenges for their efforts and look forward to reading the great reviews from other participants.

Mel u


Teacher/Learner said...

Best of luck on your challenges :) I'm new to them this year & am only entered in 5. I don't expect to join any more but you never know ;)

Mel u said...

Teacher/Learner-thanks and best of luck on your challenges