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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome to all Book Blog Hoppers Feb 19 to Feb 21

Welcome to all Book Blog Hoppers

Every Friday Jennifer of Crazy For Books hosts The Book Blogger Hop-The Book Blogger Hop is a great way to meet new to you bloggers, find some new blogs to follow and gain some great readers for your own blog.   Every week about 275 or so bloggers from all over the world participate.    I have found some excellent new blogs this way and gained some wonderful readers.   

If you decide to follow my blog I will return the follow-please leave a comment if you would like me to follow your blog or return a visit to you-


   My blog for the last year has been one third Asian literature, one third classics and one third short stories but I do read contemporary fiction also and even some YA once in a great while.    Lately I have been very into short stories.    I have various reading projects I am working on also.   My latest one that I invite everyone to join is Irish Short Stories Week, March 14 to March 20, in honor of St Patrick's day.    

This week we are asked to say what book we would like to see made into a movie-a tough question with so many possibilities.      Of newer books I would say The Book Thief by Michael Zusack or a BBC type drama based on The Heat of the Day by Elizabeth Bowen.

Thanks for stopping by -please leave any comments or short story reading suggestions you might have-thanks


Darlyn (Your Move, Dickens) said...

A movie adaptation of The Book Thief is already in the works, and I'm really excited about it. As for story suggestions, I highly recommend To Build a Fire by Jack London. It shows how the setting can greatly influence the plot of a short story.

Regarding your query on Elizabeth Bowen, I'll let you know as soon as I manage to look it up in the Welty biography I'm reading. :)

Mel u said...

Darlyn-thanks very much for the tip on the London story-I will look for it and thanks in advance for the lookup on Welty-for sure Welty visited Bowen at her country house in Ireland

Mystica said...

My first blog hop and I am enjoying reading the suggestions though I am more a book rather than a movie buff.

I am one of your old followers

Anonymous said...

My first blog hop as well. I am new the blogging world and had no idea such great interactive ideas existed. Looks fun!

P.S. Love your header!!!

Mel u said...

Mystica-of course I am more a book person also-the hop is a great networking event

Esoteric Muse-thanks for the header coments-I change it periodically to feature different writers -glad to see another person has joined the great community of book bloggers