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Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome to All Book Blog Hoppers-Sept 30 to Oct 3

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I have been an on and off participant in The Book Blogger Hop hosted by Jennifer of Crazy for books for a long time.   I have found it to be a great place to discover new to me blogs and meet some great book bloggers.    

My blog and my reading focus on  ever evolving genres of literature but for now I am very into South Asian Short Stories, Japanese fiction, classics, Katherine Mansfield, Flannery O'Connor, Elizabeth Bowen and Virginia Woolf.   I also read a wide variety of short stories and review an occasional carefully selected new work.

My blog is the home of Irish Short Story Week centered around St Patrick's Day as well as Indonesian Short Story Week.   I am open to book blog events.  

Every week Jennifer poses an interesting question for us-here is the one for this week:

“In honor of Banned Books Week, what is your favorite “banned or frequently challenged book”?

Two I have recently read and enjoyed are The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers and To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee.

Feature and Follow Friday

I am also and on and off again follower of The Feature and Follow Book Blog Hop.   Here is the question for the week

Q. What book that hasn't been turned into a movie (yet) would you most like to see make it to the big screen, and who would you like cast as your favorite character?

Tough question for me.     I would say Ruffy's The Manly Man's Mediterranean:   A Guide to the Ports by Ruffington Boussweau with Johnny Deep as Ruffy.

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Mel u


DJL said...

To Kill a Mockingbird has been one of my favorite books since high school. :) I've not heard of your second book, so I should definitely check it out. Have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

To Kill a Mockingbird is among my favorites. Just read it again not too long ago. Here’s Mine at FABR

Sherre said...

I too liked to kill a mockingbird, although that wasn't my favorite. Stop by to see what I chose

Mystica said...

Going through the banned list, there were several books which I did not know were banned in the first place. Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway was my top choice, so many others followed.

I follow you on GFC

WordsBeyondBorders said...

//. What book that hasn't been turned into a movie (yet) would you most like to see make it to the big screen, and who would you like cast as your favorite character?//

Phew, that's tough. mmm, I have always wondered about Murakami's novels turned into movies. They sure would be visually stunning with surreal imagery isn't it.

To get into the road novel/movie genre, what about 'The Savage Detectives'?. Even the 'Stone Raft' of Saramago would take a nice transition to movie.


Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. To Kill a Mockingbird is a special book. Sad that it's so controversial.
My Hop

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

To Kill a Mockingbird is like one of those famous banned books, and yet they still make you read it in school. Can't understand that! I read it in 9th grade because it was an assignment. Weird.

Here's my Friday Hops

Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :)

Suko said...

Hopping by to say"hi", Mel! Enjoy your weekend.

I read The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers recently, but did not review it on my blog. (I purchased this classic book for a dollar or two at a used book sale at the supermarket--of all places--to benefit some sort of charity.) What incredible writing, and an unforgettable story!

@parridhlantern said...

Ulysses-James Joyce, 1984-George Orwell,Lolita-Vladmir Nabokov,Catch-22-Joseph Heller,Brave New World-Aldous Huxley,A Clockwork Orange-Anthony Burgess,The Satanic Verses-Salman Rushdie,Naked Lunch-William S. Burroughs,Women in Love-D.H. Lawrence,Tropic of Cancer-Henry Miller, All books some numbskull with too much time & not an iota of intelligence on how to constructively use it - banned.

Jolene said...

Just dropping by for the blog hop. I chose To Kill a Mockingbird as well, though it's been many years since I've read it.

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JKW said...

Following. I am happy that you are listing books I haven't as yet read, albeit, I have read some of the authors. I am glad to have found your site. Blessings, Janet

AlleluiaLu said...

I was surprised at how many of the books on the 2010-11 list I had read. I enjoyed "To Kill A Mockingbird" as well. Virginia Woolf is one of my all-time favorite authors!

Come over to my blog if you get the chance. Here's my post:

Have a great weekend!