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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Reading Life Review November 2016 by Ambrosia Boussweau

Blog Stats for November, 2016

Visits to Date  4,371,234

top visitor home countries

  1.  U S A
  2. The Philippines
  3. India
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Germany
The top American states were California and New York.  World wide the top city of residence is the greater Manila area.  As always the most read posts are on older short stories by Filipino authors.  Second to this is consistently Mel's posts on Indian short stories.  There ae currently 2974 published posts.

Literary Biographies on The Reading Life 

Mel has asked me to advice you that going forward he wishes to read and post on all literary biographies as they are newly published.  if you are an author or publisher of such a work, please contact us concerning a review.

In November Mel posted on two very recent literary biographies.
  1.   Beryl Bainbridge A Biography Love By All Sorts of Means by Brendan King(2016)
  2.  The Nėmirovsky Question The Life, Death and Legacy of a Jewish Woman in 20th Century France by Susan Rubin Suleiman, forthcoming 2017

As he has in the last few years, Mel enjoyed participating in German Literature Month.  

 Readings For German Literature VI November 2016

1.  The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse

2.  Royal Highness by Thomas Mann

3. A Small Circus by Hans Fallada

4.  Rosshalde by Hermann Hesse

5.  "Did He Do It" by. Stefan Zweig

6.  Journey Into the Past by Stefan Zweig (second reading, no post, posted on in Nov 2015)

7.  The Emigrants by W. G. Sebald

8.  "The Ballarina and the Body" by Alfred Doblin

9.   Confession by Stefan Zweig

10. Schlump by Hans  Herbert Grimm

11.  "Flower Days" by Robert Walser (1911, no post)

12.  "A Summer Novella" by Stefan Zweig 

13.  "Kleisr in Thunder" by Robert Walser. (3rd reading, no post)

14.  Effie Briest by Theodore Fontane

Mel continued his read through of Beryl Bainbridge

Future Reading Plans

Mel has begun rereading Bleak House.  I am sure he will read more Bainbridge, hopefully continue his read through of Balzac's Human Comedy.  he has told me he plans to read some 21th century Japanese short stories soon.


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