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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Reading Life Review - November 2021

The Reading Life is a multicultural

book blog, committed to Literary Globalism 

November Authors

Column One

  1. Brian Kirk - Ireland - his work has been featured 11 times
  2. Nalo Hopkinson - Jamaica to Canada. Great S/F writer, genius at creating worlds
  3. Jennifer Cody Epstein - USA - author The Painter from Shanghai. First appearance - I hope to read her two other novels next year.

Column Two

  1. Lizzie Collingham - UK- wonderful food historian. 
  2. Eric Maria Remarque - Germany 
  3. Margaret Atwood - Canada

Column Three 

  1. Barbara Pym - UK. I am hoping to finish my read through of her novels next year
  2. Freya Sampson - UK - I loved her debut novel, The Last Library. First appearance. Hopefully many more to come
  3. Hiromi Kawakami - Japan . - Multi-awarded writer

Current  Countries of Authors 

  1. UK - 3
  2. Canada - 2
  3. Ireland - 1
  4. Japan - 1
  5. USA - 1
  6. Germany - 1

Seven works by women were featured, two by men.  Two authors are no longer living.  Only two authors were featured for first time, both will hopefully  return .

I read two non-fiction works upon which I did not post

  1. Black Spartacus - The Life of Toussaint Louverture by Sudhir Hazareesingh 
  2. The Taste of Conquest:  The Rise and Fall of Three Cities of Spice by MICHAEL KRONDL

Blog Stats 

Our posts have been viewed 

6,536,254 times

The top countries of origins of visitors are

  1. USA
  2. The Phillippines 
  3. India
  4. Romania - first time with such a high rank
  5. Canada
  6. Germany
  7. France
  8. Russia

The top five viewed posts were all concerning Short stories

Future Plans and Hopes - to Blog on through to The  end of The pandemic after 660 days of lockdown in Metro Manila.

I offer my thanks to Max u for his kind Gift Cards

To my fellow book bloggers, keep blogging, we are in ugly times but The World needs you.


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Buried In Print said...

What a varied reading month: glad you are still turning the pages and writing about it!
Stay safe and I'm so glad you have stories to disappear into, with such a long lockdown.