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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Irish Fiction and the Classics Club

Classic Irish Fiction
The Classics Club

When Jillian of A Room of One's Own announced her Classics Club I was very happy about it.   I started reading classics with Classic  Comics a few decades ago and have been reading the real thing pretty much nonstop for a long time now.   I thought what reason do I have to come up, as participants are asked to do, with a list of 50 plus books to read within the next five years.  With any luck I will read hundreds but then I thought the club is not just about me personally, it is about a band of people joining together to promote reading of the classics.   Then I thought, why not make a list of 50 works of fiction by Irish authors that I want to read to increase my understanding of the Irish Short Story, in time for ISSW Year Three in 2013 and Year four in 2014 and hopefully a while longer!

Here is my list.   Some are rereads which I will notate.  I will try to explain my reasons for some picks.  

1.  Ulysses by James Joyce-reread
2.  Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man-by James Joyce-reread
3.  Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce  (who am I kidding)

4.  Gulliver's Travels by Johnathan Swift -reread
5.  The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith.
6.  The Collegian by Gerald Griffin
7.  Uncle Silas by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
8.  The House by the Church Yard by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
9.  The Leprechaun by Seamus O'Kelly
10.  On the Irish Shore by Martin Ross
11.  Tales of the Irish R.M. by Elizabeth Somerville and Martin Ross
12.  Portrait of Dorian Grayby Oscar Wilde-reread
13 to 15-Collected Short Stories of Frank O'Connor, Sean O'Faolain and Liam Flattery
16.  Castle Racknet by Maria Edgeworth
17   Untilled Field by George Moore  May 5, 2012
18.  Death in Munster by George Moore
19.  Ester Waters by George Moore  May 24
20.  Book Kerith by George Moore
21.  A Munster Twilight by Daniel Crockery
22.  In A Cafe-a selection of the Stories of Mary Lavin
23.  The Best of Frank O'Connor, edited by Julian Barnes
24.  August is  a Wicked Month by Edna O'Brien May 15, 2012
25 to 32.  Eight novels by Elizabeth Bowen
33 to 46-13 works by William Carleton-The Black Prophet reviewed May 9
47.  Antartica by Claire Keegan-will be a classic  May 10, 2012
48.  Mothers and Son By Colm Toibin -also will be a classic  May 5, 2012
49.  Irish Murdoch-something!
50.  Waiting for Godot by Samuel Becket-reread
51.  Collected Poetry of William Butler Yeats.

  I  will give myself five years for these titles.  I still have numerous other interests and hope I will develop new ones also!

My thanks to Jillian for all of her hard work in setting this up.

Mel u


Suko said...

I'm sure you'll accomplish your reading goals (and then some), but best of luck with your list, Mel!

*ೃ༄ Jillian said...

What an inspiring and beautiful list, Mel. I love that you've chosen to create a thematic list focused on Irish works. I look forward to your posts! Thanks for joining, and for the kind words. :)

And don't forget to link your list and let others who are exploring the club know about your reading plans here:

Cheers. :)

@parridhlantern said...

Will be interested in the poetry of yeats

Caroline said...

I like the idea of a thematic list a lot.
I realize how often I think that an author I like is BRitish while they are Irish.
I need some serious brushing up.

Patience_Crabstick said...

I love how you picked fifty Irish classics. What a great idea.

Mel u said...

Suko, thanks so much

Jillian. Doing the list was fun for me and a good exercise, your club is brilliant

Mel u said...

Parrish Lantern, I have been reading Yeats on and off for decades

Caroline, yes thematic lists are fun,

Patience Crabstock, thanks for commenting, I really like your name!