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Friday, March 16, 2012

Irish Short Story Week-an update, new resources and links to posts byParticipants so far.

Day Four Update 
Irish Short Story Week Year Two
March 12 to March 31
March 23 to March 29-Folk and Fairy Tales
and also-Online Journals Week
March 30 and 31-open
March 20 Irish Australian Women Day
March 16 Elizabeth Bowen Day
March 22-Stories about Priests?

Please consider joining us for Irish Short Story Week Year Two, March 12 to March 31.   All you need do is post on one short story by an Irish author and send me a comment or an email and I will include it in the master post at the end of the event. 

I want to be sure that no one misses any of the great posts that people have so far completed for Irish Short Story Week Year Two so I will start out with a list of posts.  I will still be doing an end of event post in which I spotlight as best I can each blog.  This list is in random order and is just done so no one misses anything.

You Can Never Have Too Many Books "No Angel" by Bernie Mcgill

Beauty is a Sleeping Cat Stories by Kevin Barry, James Joyce, and Elizabeth Bowen

Free Listens  "The Wine Breath" by John Mcgahern

Lakeside Musings- "The Empty Family" by Colum Toibin

Parrish Lantern  Overview of Irish Folk and Fairy Tales by William Butler Yeats

A Simple Clockwork  Two Oscar Wilde Fairy Tales

Buried In Print an Anthology of stories by Mary Lavin, In the Middle of the Field

"Glad to have so many wonderful visitors, and
Rory is the worst shoe leprechaun ever!"
From Kafka to Kintergarden "The First Confession"  by Frank O'Connor, "The Reaping Race" by Liam O'Flaherty, "Janey Mary" by James Plunket, and "The Confirmation Suit" by Brendan Behan

Vapor Trails  "The Old Man of the Sea" by Maeve Brennan

More Resources

Bernie McGill's Webpage-there are three great short stories here by the author of The Butterfly Cabinet

Southword Journal-an online Magazine run by the Munster, Ireland Literature Center-great publication-lots of new short stories by pretty new writers, not all of the writers are Irish but many are and it is easy to find Irish Writers here-I will feature stories from here from March 23 to March 29, along with the Folk and Fairy Tales-it also has a list of other literary magazines, some online, some print only

If you know of a good source for Irish Short Stories, please let me know

Irish Short Story Week will now run from March 12 to March 31.

Plenty of time to join in-
"Please Join Me, also let me know if your shoes need work"

Mel u


Suko said...

Thank you for the extension, Mel. I definitely want to participate. I've been having some blogging difficulties lately, but hope to read and post on a short story soon (next week?).

bibliophiliac said...

Hi Mel, thanks for hosting Irish Short Story Week. I posted about Mary Lavin's "The Will" here:

Nancy said...

Thanks, Mel, for the mention. I think I also did Purple Jar by Maria Edgeworth :-) Have a great weekend!

*ೃ༄ Jillian said...

Hi Mel :)

My post on James Joyce's "The Dead" will go up today at 8am - EST.

Thank you for hosting! :)

Caroline said...

Thanks for the link, Mel.