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Monday, November 5, 2018

Doctor Faustus The Life of the German Composer Adrian Leverkuhn As Told by a Friend by Thomas Mann - 1948 - translated from The German by Joseph Wood

German Literature Month Eight - Links to Reviews and More

The Reading Life Greater Germania Gateway

Thomas Mann on The Reading Life

Read so far during 
German Literature Month Eight 

  1. Once a Jailbird by Hans Fallada - 1947

 2.    The Loser by Thomas Bernhard - 1988

  1. Doctor Fausus by Thomas Mann - 1948

Thomas Mann

Born June 6, 1875

Buddenbrooks - 1901

Magic Mountain - 1924

Awarded Nobel Prize 1929

1939 - moves to U.S.A

1944 - Becomes U.S.A citizen

He never again lived in Germany but he made frequent post war visits 

Doctor Faustus is the fifth work by Thomas Mann upon which I have posted.  During prior German Literature Months read Buddenbrooks, Magic Mountain, Death in 

Venice and Royal Highness.

This year I read a work long on my list, Doctor Faustus.  I must first observe that The Vintage Press Kindle edition is an error riddled mess showing contempt for consumers.  In the bio included of Mann, one of hundreds of issues, he is described as the author of “Suddenbrooks”.   It appears it was scanned into a Kindle format but never even looked at 

before it was placed on Amazon.

My mental state now is somewhat low.  If you need home work help on this Wikipedia has a good article.  I am glad I read this book and was elated when I got to the end.

I liked his reflections on Germany a lot.  

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