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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Highland Fling by Nancy Mitford (1931)

Nancy Mitford's First Novel

The Novels of Nancy Mitford 
(1904 to 1973, born London, died Paris)

With the reading of Highland Fling, Nancy Mitford's debut novel I have now read all of her fiction, I wish there was much more. 

 Her biographies of Frederick the Great, Madame Pompadour, and Voltaire still out there as possible reads.

In the world of Nancy Mitford's novels, no one really has a job, unless you considered unpublished poetic genius a job.  People have "livings", ranging from a meager £500 a year which allows you only two servants up to millions.  Everyone seems to have a Rolls Royce, beige is the preferred color, and eccentric relatives from whom they expect large inheritances.  Paris is paradise for them.  Of course having  a suitable spouse is of paramount importance.  Nancy's social range is narrow but she understands it perfectly.  She is wise,  witty, at times laugh out loud funny and under the surface there can be great sadness.

Highland Fling takes place at a country estate in Scotland.  There is a delightful assembly of eccentrics, great conversations and social satire.  It was a lot of fun to read.

I hope to shortly do a Post on my thoughts and feelings on finishing the fiction of Nancy Mitford and my reading of three books about her and her sisters.

Please share your thoughts on Nancy Mitford's novels. If you have read her biographies what was your reaction?

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