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Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Reading Life Review - June 2018

June Authors 

Row 1 across 

  1. Amir Gutfruend, Israel, Our Holocaust
  2. Marina Warner, UK, authority on Fairy Tales
  3. Francine Kashburn, UK, Golda Meir and The Birth of Israel
  4. Sholem Aleichem, Russia, most famous now Yiddish writer

Row 2

  1. Aharon Appelfeld, Israel, The Retreat
  2. Saul Bellow, U.S.A, Noble Prize Winner
  3. Niall Ferguson, UK, The House of Rothchilds

Row 3

  1. Catherine McNamara, Australia, author The Cartography of Others 
  2. Elena Ferante, Italy
  3. Issac Singer, Poland, Noble Prize Winner

Row 4

  1. Riham Adly, Egypt, multi-awarded author
  2. M. J. Berdcyewski, Ukraine, prolific Multi-genre Yiddish writer
  3. Janet H Swinney, UK, eleven published Short stories, 
  4. Mavis Gallant, Canada 

Row 5

  1. Colin Whitehead, USA, Pulitzer Prize 
  2. Steve Wade, Ireland, Multi-awarded Short Story Writer,
  3. Bi Feiyu, China, 

Two Noble Prize Winners were featured
In June  and one Pulitzer Prize Winner.  Three works of nonfiction were added to my Autodidactic Corner Selections.  I’m very honoured to have been allowed to publish a flash fiction by the multi-award winning often featured on The Reading Life, Riham Adly.

Ten June Authors are living, seven have accepted passage on The Celestial Omnibus.

Seven are women, ten men

Eight authors were featured for the first time, nine are old friends.


  1. Uk 3
  2. USA 3
  3. Israel 2
  4. Russia 1
  5. Australia 1
  6. Italy 1
  7. Poland 1
  8. Egypt 1
  9. Ukraine 1
  10. Ireland 1
  11. China 1
  12. Canada 1

Blog Activity 

As of today The Reading Life has received 5,284,430 page views 

Of the five most viewed posts in June, four were on pre-WW Two Short stories by authors from The Phillipines.  The fifth was Hiroshima Notes by Kenzaburo Oe.

I made two image changes on my side bar.  I changed The Reading Now widget to include also projected near term reads.

The feedjt tracking gadget, in my footer for years, is no longer supported by the developers so it is gone.

Review Policy.  Very open as to possible subjects.  I invite interested parties to contact me.  

Publishing Short Stories.  Open to authors previously featured on The Reading Life.

Future Plans.  More of The same, an ever evolving venture. In July I Will post on a number of Paris related works, as I have done for six years.  I Will continue my involvement with Yiddish Litersture, Holocaust Studies, literary biographies, quality historical fiction, interesting Short Stories.  I am always glad to read a first work by a new to me author. I have a new anthology with thirty nine translated stories by authors from Latin America and will expand into these soon.  I am working on an idea for a three month long event devoted to writers from The Indian Subcontinent.

To my fellow book bloggers. These are dark times, fascism is growing in Europe, in America ignorance is worshipped, only money matters. In India women are horribily abused, universities are little more than trade schools.  Keep blogging, even if just once a month.  I think how great it will be if one day book Bloggers can look back on fifty years worth of posts.

I offer my great thanks to Max u for his gift of Amazon Gift Cards.  To those who leave comments, you help keep me going.

In July Avanti Bousweau will assist with Paris themed posts as will Ambrosia Bousweau, both graduates of the Sorbonne.

Mel u

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