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Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Reading Life Review - May 2019 - Future Plans

May Authors 

Column One

  1. Neera Kashyap -. India - award winning multi-genre writer
  2. Bram Presser - Australia - The Book of Dirt - 2018 Winner of the Jewish Book Council Goldberg Prize for Debut Fiction

Column Two

  1. Colson Whitehead - USA - Pulitzer Prize Winner
  2. Esther Singer Kreitman - Poland to UK -Dance of the Demons - highly regarded Yiddish writer, 

Column Three

  1. Balli Kaur Jasnal - Singapore - author The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters as well as Erotic Stories of Punjabi Widows
  2. Susmita Bhattacharya - India - author of Table Manners, an award winning debut collection of short stories

Column Four

  1. Rose Doyle - Ireland - author Friends Indeed, prolific writer
  2. Alexander Spiegelblatt - Romania to Israel - poet, novelist, short stories - Yiddish writer
  3. Ghayde Ghrowi - Oman (first Omani writer to be featured) - short stories

Column Five

  1. Israel Joshua Singer -Poland to NYC - author The Brothers Ashkanazi
  2. Mavis Gallant - Canada to France

Home Countries of May Authors

  1. India - Two
  2. Poland - Two
  3. USA - One
  4. Singapore - One
  5. Ireland - One
  6. Romania - One
  7. Oman - One
  8. Canada - One 
  9. Australia - One

In May seven women were featured and three men, eight are living, three not.
Nine writers were featured for the first time, three are old friends.

Blog Stats for May 2019

5,685,267 pages views since inception

Top Visitor's Home Countries:

USA, India, the Philippines, Germany, Russia, UK, Ukraine, Spain and Czechia

There are 3550 posts on line.

Future plans and hopes

I will continue reading more Yiddish Literature.  My project on Short Stories by South Asian Women is working out well.  

I will continue reading along with Buried in Print for the Short Stories of Mavis Gallant Project.

Buried in Print's Mavis Gallant Project

I offer my thanks to Max u for his kind provision of Amazon Gift Cards.

I am very grateful to all who leave comments, you help keep me going.

To Ambrosia Bousweau, European director, you are a very important part of the spirit of The Reading Life

To Oleander Bousweau, your assistance is becoming essential, please give my regards to all at the  Bousweau Foundation.

To my fellow book bloggers, keep blogging.  


Suko said...


May was an exceptional reading month for you! I hope June will be, too.
Have a relaxing weekend.

Buried In Print said...

Your collage is a little smaller this month: are you reading more longer works than short stories this time around? Although, in saying so, I acknowledge, of course, that a smaller collage for you still contains MANY wonderful writers, so many more than most readers are discovering in a single month's time!

Here's hoping June will contain many lovely reads for you.