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Monday, July 4, 2011

Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts-An Erotic Retelling by Mitzi Szereto

Pride and Prejudice:   Hidden Lust by Mitzi Szereto (2011, 267 pages)

An Erotic Take on Pride and Prejudice
Behind Closed Doors at Pemberley Place

Pride and Prejudice:   Hidden Lusts  by Mitzi Szereto is a very entertaining highly erotic retake of the events in Jane Austin's classic novel, Pride and Prejudice (1813).

This is the first of the numerous rewrites of classic novels that I have read.    I know there are a lot of books that expand on the Jane Austin type novel and that they are very popular among some of the book blogs I follow.   I was never until I was offered the change to review Pride and Prejudice:   Hidden Lusts  by Mitzi Szereto really motivated to try one of these books.    I am glad now I did and had a very good time reading this book.   (I was provided an E-Book by the author).
Mitzi Szereto

I found this to be a great escape read.     The novel is perfectly written and as I began the book it did almost feel like something written in the 1813.   We are introduced to the people of Pride and Prejudice, Mr and Mrs Bentley, their daughters, Mr Darcy, Charles Bingley and his sister Caroline, George Wickham and a few new people.   After just a few pages I knew I was no longer in the cloistered world of Jane Austin.

The servant girls at Pemberley place are happy to provide extra services for male guests.    The young women in the story pride themselves on their ability to bring a large measure of satisfaction to their male suitors through beating them in the English school boy fashion with branches from birch trees.   Much of the sex in this world seems aimed at preserving the technical virginity of the Bentley daughters while still offering all parties a very erotic experience.  

Mr Bentley is preoccupied with pornographic drawings he buys from a special dealer in such items.    Mrs Bentley is the total "unrole model" for her daughters, taking up with young "red coats" as  they pass through town.   In fact the arrival of a regiment of soldiers sets off a near sexual frenzy at Pemberley Place.   One of the "Ladies"  likes to take on three men at one time.  

There is an erotic encounter about every ten pages or so.  Most of the encounters seem to be from the point of view of women who want to use sex to keep a hold of men without, in many of the cases, actually having sex with them.

If a full movie were made of this book, it would be x-rated.

I liked this book.   I am glad I read it and I would read another such book by the author.   It was a very fast read for me and very much a change of pace.

The author has published more than a dozen books, including the highly acclaimed

Erotic Fairy Tales, A Romp Through the Classics.

I think I will have as my closing words on this book, "Thanks Mitzi, I needed that".

There is a lot of information on the book (including how to buy it) at the author's
web page 

Mel u


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Thats a new take on this book that I have not seen before....LOL

Mel u said...

Sheila-to me the book was a lot of fun -thanks for commenting

Suko said...

This does sound like a unique twist on a classic. Great review!

Mitzi Szereto said...

So pleased you enjoyed my book! Thanks so much for taking the time to review it!

Mel u said...

Suko-thanks as always

Mitzi-thanks for stopping by-I loved your book was great fun and I endorse it totally