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Monday, June 30, 2014

Such a Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry (1991)

Such a Long a Journey, set in Bombay in 1971, is a decent novel with some great moments.  It does not match the depth and scope of his magnificent novel, A Fine Balance and most will, as I did, enjoy it less than his Family Matters.  (There is background material on Mistry in my prior posts on his work.)

I would say I felt a little disappointed by this book.  There is the potential for an exciting plot but it does not really come together.  What does work well is the development of the life of the central character, a modest bank clerk.  His son does not want to go to technical college and his young daughter is ill.  He has numerous crazy or disreputable acquaintances.  We do get a good feel for the streets of Bombay, for day to day life.  I really like the description of the giant 100 meter mural depicting numerous religious faiths.  This was brilliant. The characters in the novel of speak of the corruption rife in India and greatly hold in contempt Prime Minister Indera Gandhi.  The work in East Pakistan is causing millions of refuges to flow into India.  We do gain insight into the multitudes of religions in India, especially that of Zorastercism.  

For sure read A Fine Balance, it is truly a great work.  

Please share your experience with set in India Mega-City novels with us.

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My absolute favorite is A Fine Balance Linda Lappin