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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

My Plans and Hopes for Paris in July 2021


My Plans and Hopes for Paris in July 2021

Home Page for Paris in July 2021

This Will be my tenth year as a participant in Paris in July, hosted by Thyme for Tea.  You may join in by posting about your trip to Paris, your favorite set in Paris movie (mine is Ninotchka starring Greta Garbo and I also like a lot the more recent Midnight in Paris starring Owen Wilson), your recipes, any thing that strikes your fancy. 

Ths year I will be starting with two very good Americans in Paris books, one a novel and one a memoir about setting up an American Style Breakfast restaurant in Paris.

I have already  read these first two books

  1. Lost in Paris by Elizabeth Thompson - a fascinating novel combining a narrative about Paris between the wars and a Florida woman and her mother who inherit a Parisian apartment sealed since 1940
  2. Pancakes in Paris - by Craig Carlson - a memoir about his often harrowing experiences open an American Style Breakfast Place in Paris.

I have on my Reading list for the Month

  1. The Architect of Paris by Charles Belfoure - a novel set during The German occupation.
  2. Rilke in Paris by Maurice Betz
  3. Prousf’s Duchesses by Caroline Weber -    A look at the glittering world of turn-of-the-century Paris through the first in-depth study of the three women Proust used to create his supreme fictional character, the Duchesse de Guermantes
  4. Flâneuse: women walk the city in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London by Lauren Elkin.- there are three set in Paris chapters and I Will Focus on these chapters
  6. Blue Postcards by Douglas Bruton - A DCR from Fairlight Book - set in Paris

I also plan to read several set in Paris Short Stories by Teffi set about post Czarist Russian Emigres in Paris, which she was herself.


Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you are participating, too! (And thanks for visiting me at Marmelade Gypsy). I'm not sure what I'll be able to bring to the Paris table this year but I always love this event!

Tamara said...

Such a great list Mel U. I have read the Flaneur but didnt kno about Flaneuse... thats definitely on my updated list now.... like you, I've made a start on my reading. Its going to be a fun & rewarding virtual holiday...

Brona said...

You'll be pleased to know that the ads on your blog for this post are highlighting French cookbooks :-)

Marianne said...

Paris has so much to offer. I'm looking forward to your journey.

My Paris in July post.

Mel u said...

Marianne- i Will for sure read a Paris related work by Ivan Bunin, The first Russian Nobel Prize Winner in 1932

Mel u said...

Tamara.thsnks so much for hosting this. I am badly in need of some vicarious traveling

Marianne said...

Fantastic, Mel. I read "In Paris" earlier this year. Enjoy.