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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Everything is Nice" by Jane Bowles

As far as I can find, up until yesterday you could not read any of the work of Jane Bowles online.  My main purpose in this post is to let people know they can now read, for free, one of her magnificent short stories online. 

As the story opens, in a "Blue Muslim town" a Muslim woman starts a conversation with a Nazarene woman she does not know.  It is a small town with a mixed population of Muslims and Christians.  The Muslim woman asks the other where she is going.  She shows the Muslim woman a porcupine she is taking to her aunt, country people eat them we learn.   There is no big plot action in the story, nothing really happens but two women of different cultures see more of their similarities than they once did.  

I really recommend this story.   

Mel u

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