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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Cat Owner" by Alissa Nutting A Short Story by the Author of Tampa

Tampa, by Alissa Nutting is one of the most blogged and reviewed 2013 novels.  Basically it is the story of a female high school teacher in Tampa, Florida who sexually preys on her male students.   I have not read it and if I do read it my motivation would be to see what the fuss is about.  Some reviewers say it is little more than soft core porn while others compare it to Lolita.   (My guess is no one who has actually read Lolita would say this.)   I decided I would sample her work via one of the short stories in her award winning debut collection, you got to love the title and the cover art, Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls.   Being a cat lover all my life, I decided to start with a story entitled "Cat Owner". 

"Cat Owner", kind of like Tampa based on what I have read, is about an woman who is constantly seeking sex.  She has one problem hindering this quest, a giant 27 pound cat who likes to sink his teeth into her lovers.  One of them sent her a bill for his post sex medical bills.  She likes to use her place for sex but the cat likes to watch from close up, he has a special ramp to help him get in the bed.  Her last lover refuses when she invites him over for a second helping.  The story ends with an unfulfilling encounter with that standard character in porno films, the pizza delivery man.  She does at least get a free pizza.  

Bottom line, a fun story, intriguing enough to motivate me to read the full collection.

Have you read Tampa?  Does it interest you?

"Yes I am back. I have one word for the woman in this story, and that
Is 'lame'" Carmilla 

Mel u 


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