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Saturday, May 31, 2014

"A Kiss in the Sea" by Milena Milani (1955, translated by Barbara Nucci)

Milena Milani (1917 to 2013) had a long and distinguished career as a novelist, short story writer and essayist.    Like the other writers I have featured in my project on Italian Women Writers, "A Kiss in the Sea" was my first exposure to the work of the author.  It is an interesting story about man and woman, the man is married to another woman.  They are an ocean resort out in the water together.  They fight a bit. The woman's begins to complain about the man's weight and how out of shape he has gotten.   The man, in an ill advised move, basically says "you too".  They kiss in the ocean and both know nothing is going to really change greatly for them but who does not like a kiss in the ocean.  A decent romantic story this was. 

I read this story in a very high value anthology, New Italian Women, A Collection of Short Fiction,edited by Martha King.  

This anthology is published by Italica Press, a leading publisher of literary and historical works related to Italy.  Anyone interested in Italian literature and history will find their webpage very valuable.  They have an extensive offering of translated works by Italian women. 

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