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Sunday, January 3, 2021

2020 Reading Life Year End Review - Reading While Quarantined


For many millions 2020 was a weird nasty year.  It was a year of the rat and it certainly seemed even the rats wanted it over.  

I have pretty much been inside our condo in Metro Manila since early March as mandated by the government and my family.  I am of an age more vulnerable to the virus.  We suffer no material deprivation at all, our three adult daughters are home as well as our six cats and now our latest family member, Chewbacca, a wonderful Shjn Tzu.  


The Family is very close and we enjoy being together.  I do miss going to The mall, eating in resturants once and a while but I have  streaming services and of course my Reading.  Plus anything we want can be delivered.  We  are thankful for our privledged status as many here suffer real hardship.

If I did not love Reading and have access to a huge number of works I would have found the  year a lot worse.  We did have to cancel a planned trip to Europe but still hope for better options coming.

In 2020 I posted on 25 works of narrative nonfiction and 27 novels and novellas.  There are 108 posts on story stories.  Some of these posts were on multiple stories so I am guessing I talked on about 175 stories.

As of today Pages on The Reading Life have been viewed 6,192,503 times.  There are 3860 posts online.

The top home countries for visitors in 2020 were

  1. USA
  2. India
  3. The Phillippines 
  4. Germany
  5. Russia
  6. UK
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Canada
  9. France
  10. Turkmenistan 
  11. Indonesia 
  12. Brazil
  13. The Netherlands 
  14. Japan
  15. United Arab Emirates
  16. Dominican Republic
  17. Romania
  18. Bangladesh

Reading plans and hopes for 2021.

I good predictor of features on The Resding Life can be found in The side bar images. 


I Will once agajn particpate in The Japanese Literature Challenge, Jan to March.

I Will either finish Reading Balzac’s Comedie Humaine (83 of 91 items completed) or give up.

I have a big back Log of Yiddish Literture i want dig into.

In March I Will Focus on Irish Short Stories.



mudpuddle said...

wow: admire your reading constancy! especially 83 of the Balzac's... never in my wildest dreams would i... good luck with the covid thing; avoiding it, i mean...

Buried In Print said...

You've read 83 of the you have copies of the remaining titles? I would imagine it would haunt you, to have gotten so far and not to finish? But maybe you are more intrigued by some of the newer (newer and new-to-you) books and authors you've been discovering? I'm sure you've got lots of good reading ahead this year. And how wonderful that you have have been safe and well and now have someone new to snuggle with while you read. I'm sure Chewie gets lots of well-deserved attention!