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Friday, January 8, 2021

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia - 2020

 Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia -2020

A New York Times Best Seller

Mexican Gothic has been described as a south of the border mixture of Emily Bronte and the American Master of horror H. P. Lovecraft.  The plot starts when Naomi, living in Mexico City, receives a letter from a cousin saying she needs her help, that she is being kept captive in a house permeated with sinister forces while her husband tries to murder her..  Naomi’s parents do not want her go.

Naomi finds a strange mixture of people at the house, a grand old seen better days mansion.  The people there include her cousin’s husband and his ancient father and three servants, No talking is allowed during meals.

We gradually learn the history of the family which includes owning a silver mine and a mass murdering now deceased wife.  Naomi begins to be aware of a strange mold.  All very Levrockian.  

I found this work entertaining.  I purchased the Kindle edition of this book for $2.95 during a flash sale.  It is back up to $12.95.  I cannot generally endorse the purchase of Mexican Gothic at the price of $12.95 but if you like Gothic literature and if you can acquire for $2.95 you might not be disappointed.

SILVIA MORENO-GARCIA is the author of the critically acclaimed speculative novels Gods of Jade and Shadow, Signal to Noise, Certain Dark Things, and The Beautiful Ones; and the crime novel Untamed Shore.  She has edited several anthologies, including the World Fantasy Award–winning She Walks in Shadows (aka Cthulhu’s Daughters). She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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