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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Irish Short Story Month Year 4. March 1 to April 1

I am happy to be able for the fourth year to devote March on The Reading Life to the Irish Short Story.
Last year there was wonderful participation from the Irish literary world and book bloggers. Later this week I will explain why I do this, this post is really an invitation to any interested person to participate.

Ways to Participate

If you are an Irish connected writer I would love for you to do, as have about 75 others, a Q and A session.   (This is also open to those who are primarily poets.)

If you did a q and a last year, you can still participate as there are new, hopefully better questions.

I am also desirous of publishing short stories by Irish writers.  I will include a copyright to you notice with the story and links to your web pages.  I know publishing on a book blog is a new idea, but I do have 100,000 or so hits a month so who knows who might read your story.  

Any and all can also do a guest post on a month related topic.  This will be pretty much wide open.

My fellow book bloggers are very welcome to post on an Irish related topic on their blog.  If you do this please let me know so I can publicize your blog. 

I am open to suggestions and joint ventures.

If you are a publisher and want your book included in this event, contact me.

I will be posting myself on a number of Irish short stories and some exciting collections.

 new writers are encouraged to participate.   If you want me to post one of your stories, please contact me.  

I will soon post a resources page.

the event staff!  More on them soon.

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Suko said...

The fourth year?!

I've enjoyed this very much over the past few years, and am pretty certain I'll enjoy it again. Thanks for hosting!